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My Birthday Weekend

My Birthday Weekend
By: bubba_1972 (

"You mean, whatever I want I can have it?" I questioned.

"It's your birthday" Holly responded and then gave me a wink.

My mind was churning at the dirty thoughts that I had. I have been asking my wife for the same present for the past 12 years of our marriage. She would always just laugh it off and get me something that I didn't need or use. My fantasy was now becoming a reality.

I have tried to break my wife out of her shell with her sexuality and have her step out of her comfort zone. She has, in the past, done little things like not wearing panties when she wears a skirt or dress. Now she never wears panties. I still find myself trying to catch a peek every now and then. I also love it when she goes without a bra and has a tight shirt on. Her small perky tits look amazing and seeing her nipples pressing against the shirt is so fucking hot. I had plenty of ideas in mind but I needed to wait until tomorrow to execute them because that was my 37th birthday.

That night we had our normal family dinner and room and grabbed a razor from under the sink and handed it to her and just smiled. Her eyes widened as if to ask ?all of it?' and I just nodded and walked out of the bathroom and shut the door. While she was in the shower I went to the closet to pick out her clothes for the day. I skimmed through her skirts and her dresses and decided on a wrap skirt that came to her mid-thigh but was semi-sheer. She would usually only wear this skirt while on vacation. I looked through her tops and found one that matched the skirt. The shoes that I chose were white strappy ones that I knew were comfortable for her. I took her ensemble and laid it out on the bed and headed downstairs.

I watched TV for about 35 minutes and ran the day through my head until I had it all figured out. I then heard her coming down the steps. I looked over the top of the sofa, like a little kid looking out the window for Santa, as she walked up the hallway. My mouth dropped. She was stunning. She had on everything that I had laid out for her. Her beautiful blonde hair was shimmering from the sun coming in from the foyer window. She looked over at me and asked if I was ready to get my day started. Of course I was and hopped up and went to her and gave her a big kiss.

We got into my car and pulled out of the garage. It was a nice warm day and very sunny with a slight breeze, which kept it from being too hot. I looked over at her, through my sunglasses, as I backed out of the driveway and gazed at her tanned legs down to her red painted toes and back up to her glistening lips and told her that I loved her. She grinned and put on her sunglasses.

We pulled away from the house and toward our destination. When we got to the tollbooth at the bridge it was apparent where we going. "Are we going all the way to the ocean?" Holly asked.

It was my turn to give the answerless grin. As we waited in line to pay our toll I pointed toward the storage compartment in the passenger door. Holly wasn't sure what I needed but she looked down and noticed that there were papers in there. "Some light reading while we enjoy the drive" I deviously grinned.

She pulled out the papers and noticed that they were dirty stories. She shook her head saying, "I'm not going to read these."

"Yes you are" I replied. "My birthday, remember."

We continued our wait in the tollbooth line. We still had about 50 cars ahead of us and we moving at a snails pace because there was a backup on the bridge. Holly began to read. I turned on the stereo and made sure that it was quiet enough for her to pay attention to the story. I enjoyed watching her get turned on. She didn't have the same opinion. When she gets horny she wants sex right then. She does not like to be teased or wait for it. Foreplay is out the window too. It is kiss me, eat me, and fuck me. Rarely do I have a problem with that but for my birthday I wanted to have a slow long drawn out tease for myself.

As we inched up in line I watched out of the corner of my eye as Holly read the first story. She didn't look as if it was turning her on as I had hoped but I just enjoyed the thought of it working. As we were about 20 cars away from the tollbooth I noticed that Holly shifted slightly in her seat and I smiled to myself. I looked around to the other vehicles. Even though there were about 8 tollbooth lines open there were no cars or trucks near us because we were spread out so no one knew what was happening in our car.

Ten more cars moved through the line and my wife's right hand fell to the top her right thigh and she softly stroked it toward her knee and back again. As she caressed her thigh her knees parted slightly from one another and her hand inched closer to the wetness that was building inside. I pretended not to notice and started fiddling with the navigation system as my dick started to plot his escape route. I leaned forward so Holly couldn't see my eyes and she parted her thighs even further. When she did this her wrap skirt parted as well and, surprise, her beautifully trimmed Mohawk was on display. I thought to mention that I asked her to shave it all but was not about to spoil the moment.

Five cars back and fingers crept closer to her awaiting pussy. I continued pressing buttons in my pathetic display of hiding my gawking as Holly pushed gently onto her hardening clit and her puffing lips. She reached lower and easily inserted her middle finger, "Oh my, I am really wet" she exclaimed.

I looked over at her with pounding cock and, like a little kid, asked, "can I feel?"

She obliged my request and took my hand down to her and allowed me to sample her wetness. I pulled my hand back and tasted her delicious juice. She went to straighten herself back up and I cleared my throat. She looked over at me with a puzzled look. "Why are you stopping?" I asked.

"We are, like, 3 cars away from the tollbooth. I am not about to show my goodies to the woman in the box."

I leaned out the window and saw that there was an old guy in the booth. I let her know this and then hummed the Happy Birthday song to her. "Back to what you were doing. You will never see that guy again," I said as I reached into the center console to get the toll money.

Much to my astonishment she sat back into her seat and re-parted her skirt and continued the story as if no one was around. Her right hand moved back into position and returned to pressing on her clit.

One car away and she was still reading. Her legs were still parted and her finger still in her pussy. She occasionally slid the finger down to her slit to gather some wetness but then return to her clit. Her head leaned back into the headrest and a slight moan escaped from her lips. She was definitely enjoying the self-massage of her clit. She returned to her senses, as the car started moving again. My dick was pounding to get out at the excitement that I was feeling as we pulled up to the window. I looked over at Holly when I handed the old guy the money and saw that she had placed the papers so that she covered up her naked pussy. Her hand had returned to the paper as she continued to read.

"What's with that?" I asked as we pulled from the booth.

"I didn't want to give the poor, old guy a heart attack" she responded.

"I don't mean to be a jerk but you were the one that said that I could have WHATEVER I wanted for my birthday and you reneged on two things already. If you want we can certainly just enjoy the kid-free weekend and do what we normally do. I am truly ok with that I just need to know."

"I know. I am sorry. I just didn't feel comfortable showing someone else my pussy, especially as I was masturbating."

"Lets just enjoy the weekend doing normal stuff then"

"No. I'm sorry. I do want to give you anything that you want. I will do my best to over my privacy issues for this weekend so I can give you your present."

"Are you sure? I just assumed that you were comfortable with this when you offered it."

"I will do my best."

"I promise I won't cross any lines. I know what you like and what you will never do. I love you. I just want to have a different experience every once in a while."

"I can always count on you for imagining different experiences" she played "but I will, from here on out, do what you say for the weekend."

We crossed the bridge and continued our drive to our ocean destination. Now that the backup was passed our drive should take no time, I thought.

I was now second-guessing all of the ideas that I had thought up for the weekend wondering if I should continue on with them. She seemed sincere in wanting to give the gift to me but I hated the idea of her being uncomfortable. I would have time to think as we continued our drive.

We made some additional small talk but I asked her if she wanted to keep reading. She said sure and grabbed another story from the door. We were about thirty minutes from the hotel as she picked up where she left off. This new story looked to be a little longer than the last. About ten minutes into this new story Holly pulled her skirt opened and began pressing on her clit again. We were driving in the right lane at the time and the nearest car was about a mile ahead and a truck about ½ mile behind that we passed earlier.

The stereo was a little loud so I slowly turned it down from the steering wheel controls to see if I could hear any pleasant noises coming from the passenger's seat. It was a little harder to watch since we were moving at about 70 mph. I did, however, glance occasionally to see the action that my wife was partaking in. The last time I looked over she had her pointer and middle fingers coming from her wet hole and then slowly encircling get engorged clit. My mind was racing and I know hers was doing the same. I must have unintentionally slowed down a bit because the truck that I passed a few minutes ago was coming slowly up on my left. I took another look over to my wife and saw that she was lost in the story and her hand still working on her pussy. I didn't say anything as the truck pulled up next to us. I turned slightly to look at the truck and saw that there was a guy in his late teens or early twenties looking over at us as they passed. I didn't make it known to him that I could see him. I knew that he could see everything that Holly was unknowingly displaying to him. I was so fucking horny and this was blowing my mind. He must have told his buddy that was driving, what he saw because they stayed next to us. I also didn't mind much because I knew that our exit was coming up soon. I moved my right hand over a grazed Holly's left arm, which slightly startled her. She looked over at me and then past me to see the young man, drop jawed, looking into our car at her and then back at me. She covered her crotch with the papers as she looked at me but kept her hand going. I looked at her and mouthed ?don't stop'.

She didn't miss a beat and lifted the papers back up and continued as if never interrupted. The truck was still beside us so I decided to play a little so I hit the gas and got up to about 90 and got about a mile ahead of him in about a minute or two. I then dropped back down to about 60. Holly seemed to not realize, or care, what I was doing when I looked over at her. She was still reading away and softly sliding her fingers up and down the soft folds of her pussy lips. I asked her to put her right foot up onto the dash so I could get a better view. She granted my request and I saw that pussy looked wetter than I have seen it in a long time.

It didn't take long for the truck to catch back up to us and then pace next to us and with Holly's leg up where it was I know that the young guy had an even better view of my wife pleasuring herself. My hand still rested on her arm and I caressed it softly and then moved to her left breast and gave it a firm squeeze. The guy had his face plastered up against his window and he would occasionally turn to the driver and give him the details, I can only assume. I was getting into the excitement of seeing my wife being seen by another man. This was as close as I wanted to come to the fantasy of watching my wife with another man. Being overcome by horniness I reached down and slid her shirt up to reveal her beautifully perky left tit to the excited passenger and me in the next vehicle.

Holly looked over to me and, with a look of total lust, slightly parted her lips and let out the sweetest sounding set of moans. I don't think that I could drive much longer because my mind was turning into mush. Holly looked up to the passenger next to us and gave him the same look of needing to have a hard cock inside of her dripping pussy. I looked down, the best that I could without wrecking, and saw her thrusting the same two fingers in and out of her twat. She continued looking over in our direction and breathing got louder and faster. She let the papers fall to the floor so that she could concentrate on fucking herself. She switched her hands and used her left hand to seamlessly continue fucking her pussy then she used her right hand to bring her to her highest point. Before she got to her orgasm I asked her to remove her sunglasses. She did this and tossed them to the floor, replaced her hand, and looked back over in our direction. I could hear her wetness as she plunged her fingers in and out of her pussy. I looked at her as much as I could and saw that she wasn't even looking at me, but past me at the young, drooling guy next to us. Her moans deepened and her body quivered.

"I'm cumming!" she moaned as her eyes rolled back slightly right before she closed them to fully enjoy her orgasm. I gave her breast one last squeeze while she came down from her cum. We were getting closer to our exit so I looked over to the guy in the truck, for the first time, and gave him a wave as we entered onto our exit ramp. He gave two thumbs up to show his gratitude.

"That was so fucking intense" Holly breathed as she slowed the rubbing of her pussy. "I haven't cum that hard in a long time."

"You aren't lying about how hot that was. I almost wrecked the car several times," I added. "So you liked the audience then?"

"I wasn't sure at first but when you told me not to stop I could feel my pussy get hotter and tingle a little bit" she explained as adjusted herself in the seat and straightened her skirt. "When I looked over at the guy next to us there was this wave of intensity that came across me. I couldn't fuck my pussy fast enough."

I was hanging on every word as she described the orgasm. "That was just the hottest thing I have ever experienced. It was almost as if I was watching him fuck you."

"I didn't think it was like anyone was fucking me but it was pretty damn hot" she commented. "I don't know what you have in store for us this weekend but I think that the situation we just had is about as risky as I want to take it."

"I honestly didn't think that you would enjoy that as much as you did," I answered. "The truck next to us wasn't planned but it definitely added to the experience."

We continued discussing the event as we completed our journey to our destination. Exiting the car I was still so fucking horny and I just watched, and followed with bag in hand, as my walked through the parking garage. Her body is so sweet and her wiggle will turn even a blind man on. We had to cross the road to get into the hotel lobby and as we did I noticed Holly's skirt slightly blowing in the breeze as she briskly crossed. I was hoping to get an ass cheek shot or something but I didn't.

Entering into the lobby we were greeted by the bellboy but we let him know that we only had the one bag. He led us to the check-in desk instead. Directing my attention back to Holly's backside my dick hardened again. I discreetly adjusted my cock and continued my uncomfortable walk. We arrived to the desk and the bellboy left us but I noticed that he didn't go far. We paid him no mind and continued the normal check-in routine. We got our room key and headed towards the elevator. While walking the bellboy appeared in front of us and asked if he could show us to our room. I thought this kind of strange but he insisted and we followed him.

We all entered the elevator and the bellboy, who couldn't have been over 20, pressed the 11 to get us going up. I stood back in the corner and Holly stood with her back to me. When the elevator jolted as it started rising. Holly leaned back into me and felt my dick, again, hardening. The bellboy stood across from us and kept glancing over at Holly. I enjoyed the attention that she was getting. I placed my hands on her hips and nuzzled my face into her neck, right below her ear. I knew that he couldn't see my right hand so I dropped it behind Holly and slid it up the back of her skirt and in between her thighs. She clenched them tighter to stop me but I whispered a quick "uh-uh" so she reluctantly opened her thighs a bit so I could gain access to her, what I found to be, dripping wet pussy. I walked two fingers on the outside of the bottom of her lips as if to ease her a little. I could feel the amount of heat that she was putting off down there. My cock was rock solid and unhideable at this point. She leaned into me harder as we approached our floor. I slipped my middle finger into her and then back out as our floor bell rang. Our bellboy exited the elevator and after he was out Holly turned to me and told me to stop. I, again, replied "uh-uh" and gave her a playful smack on the ass. We followed him to our room.

"Suite 1130" the bellboy announced as he opened the door and turned on the lights.

He showed us into the sitting room and through the kitchenette and then into the bedroom. He opened the curtains so that we could have the full ocean view. I set our bag onto the bed and walked over to see the view of our balcony and then the ocean. The bellboy went on to explain the normal routine and then stood by the front door. I took the hint and slid him a five and shooed him out of the door.

I immediately ran over to Holly and threw her to the bed and dove into her pussy. Her moans were immediate. She always loves the way I eat her. She was still wet from her previous adventure. I sucked lightly on her still swollen right lip and then ran my tongue softly from the bottom of the right side up to her engorged clit and back down the left side and gently sucked in her left lip. I pulled away and then gave her a kiss on her clit. "Let's get going so we can enjoy the rest of the day," I rudely suggested.

"What the hell is that?!" she scoffed.

"I just want you to be horny when we go out this evening."

"You know that I don't like to be teased."

"Don't get angry. Just look at it as foreplay and just enjoy the evening of teasing. You will get a great orgasm tonight when we get back to the room. I promise."

"Fine," she huffed and got up off of the bed and headed to the bathroom. I moved in and gave her a pussy faced kiss and told her that I loved her. I reached down into the bag and pulled out her outfit for the evening. It was another wrap skirt but this time it was a long one that came down to her ankles. It was the same light fabric as the previous skirt. Her shirt was a white, collared, sleeveless, button down. I also included a sheer white lacey thong. We packed light so she wore the same strappy white shoes. I through on a pair of khaki shorts and a blue, short sleeve, button down, shirt.

"You are so predictable," Holly told me as she walked back from the bathroom and saw the ensemble that I brought for her. "At least I know that I look good in it," she smiled.

I grabbed a bottle of Pinot Grigio from the mini-bar and poured us each a glass and then stepped out onto the balcony to take in the view while she got changed. The air was a perfect temperature and a slight breeze coming off of the ocean. I couldn't have asked for a better night and man was I still so FUCKING HORNY!!! I was hoping that the wine would calm me down but it just helped my mind to wander back to Holly masturbating in the car for that guy next to us and how much in turned me on. I then would think about what was laying ahead for the rest of the night.

I was jolted back to consciousness when Holly joined me from behind and gave me a reach around and grabbed my stiffened cock.

"Now that you've got me dressed up I need a place to go," she slightly slurred as she groped my package.

"Did we have another glass while we were dressing," I kidded and then turned to face her and look down into her eyes.

"Just one more so I've got a little buzz because I drank them so fast. They taste so good."

She was staring up into my eyes and I couldn't believe how luck I was to have her in my life and to be able to share these experiences with her. I lowered my lips to hers and gave her a soft peck. She returned the kiss with a slight suck on my lower lip and an evil little giggle. It was time to go so I directed her towards the front door.

?Damn she looked so fucking hot' is all that I could think as I followed her down the hall into the elevator. We got to the lobby and out the door and walked across the street to the lounge to get a bite to eat and a few more drinks.

We entered the lounge and looked around before we picked a table. It was dimly lit and the bar was set against the back wall with about 20 or so bar stools. Up against the back wall was a full wall mirror to make the area look larger than it was. Around the perimeter of the lounge were cozy upholstered sofas with small, low tables in front of them and a dim mood light hanging over. It looked like 3 people would fit comfortable or 4 if you crammed in. Separating the bar and the sofas were 6 higher tables with 4 barstool-sized chairs around each one. The chairs had the same fabric as the sofas.

It was relatively busy but there were still a few tables still open but no sofas and only a few bar stools left. We decided to take a table that was on the complete opposite of the entrance up against the mirrored wall and sat across from one another with my back up against the mirrored wall. We were immediately approached by a waitress so she could get our drink orders. I ordered Holly a cosmopolitan and I ordered a gin and tonic for myself. We looked through the menu and made small talk and looked around as we waited for our drinks to arrive. We decided to go with light fare since it was getting late.

As we glanced around we noticed that the crowd was a little younger than us, looked to be mid twenties to our mid thirties but we felt very comfortable in this setting. We did take in that most of the guests were very good looking. We joked and wondered if they had some secret trap door that disposed of the ugly patrons that tried to get in. Our first set of drinks were going down smoothly and we ordered another round when our food arrived. We continued making small talk as we ate and had a third drink.

While eating we were interrupted by the 2 couples that were sitting on the sofa nearest to us. They were having a great time drinking and talking loudly. I finished eating and switched to the chair with my back facing the bar so that I could eavesdrop on their fun. Holly asked what I was doing and I let her know. I could tell by her speech that she was, at this point, very buzzed, if not a little drunk when she questioned "is our conversation not interesting enough?"

"Of course it is baby," I comforted. "I also wanted to be closer to you so that I can fondle you." I moved my left hand across my body and placed it on her left thigh which, at this time, had her right leg crossed over it and put my right arm around her.

"Bull shit" she retorted. "You just wanted to get a better view of that cute brunette with the nice legs. I might be a little buzzed but I'm not blind. I was even checking her out."

Our waitress came to take away our dishes and asked if we wanted another drink. We declined and enjoyed our current one. One of the couples took off which left the hot girl and her gentleman friend. We occasionally glanced over as we finished our drinks. I continued caressing her thigh through the fabric of her skirt and whispered in her ear "why don't you go talk to her and her man to see if they would like to hang out with us at our hotel?"

"I am not doing that!" she snapped. "What do you want to fuck her of something? Or want him to fuck me?"

"I was actually thinking of you fucking her while we sat back and watched" I teased knowing that was the farthest thing that would ever happen.

She just turned to me and gave me a dirty look.

"I was really just wanted to hang out with them and maybe have you visually tease him and add some more fun to our night. My Birthday Night," I added.

"What would I say anyway?"

"I don't know tell her that you like her earrings or something. I'm gonna go to the bathroom and when I get back you better be over there talking."

With that I excused myself and headed to the bathroom. While I was in there all the things that could happen ran through my head. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to piss or not with my dick stiffening. I stayed in there a little longer than I needed to just to give Holly some additional time to work her magic.

About 10 minutes later I ventured back to the table to be pleasantly surprised to see Holly sitting on the sofa facing me in between the couple. She was casually talking to both of them while sipping on her emptying drink. I could hear her laughing through the noise of the bar, which made me laugh a little. I couldn't get over how remarkably beautiful and sexy she was. I, a little jealously, watched the three of them talking and as if they had been friends for years. The waitress appeared to their table with 3 cosmopolitans for them. They toasted and sipped their drinks. I grabbed the waitress and ordered another g&t for myself. A couple of times I saw Holly, in her laughing moments, leaned back up against the sofa and back again. With every bit of movement her skirt parted slightly revealing a bit more leg to any onlooker. As she was doing this I also noticed that she would playfully slap her left hand on the guys right knee. The last time she slapped his knee she left her it on it and gave it a quick squeeze and then looked up at me to give me a wink. She removed her hand and returned her attention back to the young lady to her right. My body didn't know which way it wanted to go. My cock was hardening at the whole site of Holly's ever-rising skirt, which at this point was showing her entire right thigh. But my heart was throwing jealous vibes to my head.

I saw the girl turn Holly slightly towards the guy and give her a quick shoulder rub, which couldn't have lasted more than 2 minutes. She looked to be enjoying the rub because she let her head fall back a little as if she lost control of it. She placed one hand on each of the guy's knees and her skirt had fallen open enough so that all he had to do was look down to see her pantied covered pussy. The quick massage ended and Holly turned back to face me and then leaned back against the sofa. She made no effort to fix her skirt which I enjoyed the view. They all finished their drinks when the waitress came by again and I thought they ordered another as she walked away. Holly turned towards the girl and placed her left hand on her knee to keep her balance and whispered something in her ear. The girl nodded. Soon after she raised herself and started towards me and wrapped her arms around me and planted a big kiss on my lips.

"Let's go back to the room," Holly slurred.

I didn't object and paid the waitress and we headed out the door. I didn't say anything as we held hands and crossed the street. We entered the elevator and Holly just about attacked me. She reached up around and put her hands behind my neck to pull me down to her until our lips met. I knew she was over the edge when her tongue parted my lips and entered my mouth to dance with my own. My hands moved all over her back and down to her ass. Before we knew it our floor bell rang and the doors opened. We ended our kiss and hurried to our room.

Entering the room Holly went straight to the bathroom. The silence was broken a few minutes of her being in the bathroom when I inquired what the three of them talked about.

"Just normal girl stuff," she hollered to me over the water flow as she brushed her teeth.

"Must have been funny," I added, "because there was lots of laughing and knee slapping going on and also a little knee squeezing."

She finished rinsing and laughed as she came out of the bathroom. "Were you getting a little jealous over there? You were the one that wanted me to go and talk to them. Besides, the guy that was there was her bother and he is gay. You don't have anything to worry about."

"I wasn't worried," I lied. "I was actually getting turned on knowing that he was looking at your panties when you were getting that neck rub."

"Yeah, okay. I am sure he wasn't looking and if he was he was checking to see if could look good wearing them."

A knock came from the door and I looked at Holly as she finished wiping her mouth with a towel. She crossed the room towards the door and added, "I forgot to tell you that they were staying in this hotel and I asked them to come up for a drink on our balcony."

A slight nervousness came to my belly as she opened the door to greet them. I could only see the girl at the doorway as Holly welcomed her with a hug. She was gorgeous. Her thick curly chocolate hair came just past her shoulders and framed her beautiful face. The girl said that her brother was feeling a little drunk so he decided to stay in for the night. Holly closed the door behind her and then introduced the girl to me as Melissa.

Melissa said hello and asked, "Why didn't you come and join us on the sofa?"

I stumbled with my answer and spit out, "I, uh, saw that there wasn't much room on the sofa for 4 so I just finished my drink at the table."

She appeared to be only half listening as she looked around our suite, "we've only got a normal hotel room with 2 beds. This is beautiful."

Holly took that as an invitation to show her around so she took Melissa by the hand and led her to the bedroom and out to the balcony. They both looked very loaded as they bumped the walls while walking. I decided to throw more kindling to the fire and poured the girls a glass of wine and took it to them on the balcony.

They talked a bit more and through the conversation I found out that Melissa was 26 and her and her ex boyfriend had split up 3 months ago. She was down here with her brother and the other couple just blowing off some steam, She was hoping to meet a guy down here to maybe have a little fun but she was glad that she met Holly because she was real fun. My mind wandered again trying to figure out how to make things progress since it was getting late and I knew Holly usually zonks out by 1:00 am.

I decided more wine would assist with the progression so I excused my self to the room and came back with the bottle. The girls had pulled the chairs from under the table, on the balcony, to sit next to one another and put their feet on the lower part of the railing. "Enjoying the view?" I interrupted as I filled each of their glasses up. I set the bottle back inside and came back out and stood behind Holly and gently rubbed her shoulders. She responded with a pleasant soft moan. Melissa looked over and insisted that I was doing it all wrong and that she should take over. I willingly let her and took a step back to allow her to position herself behind my wife.

Melissa and Holly kept talking about nothing in particular while the shoulder rubbing went on and I walked around the balcony not interrupting but definitely enjoying the view. An occasional low moan escaped from Holly's lips every now and then as she closed her eyes enjoying the massage. Melissa's hands moved boldly lower just above Holly's breasts to massage her chest. I could tell Holly was enjoying herself when she slid slightly lower into her chair and laid her head back to rest on Melissa's stomach. Her eyes were closed and there was no more talking, just rubbing and moaning. As if I wasn't there, Melissa took the next move toward Holly's breasts and lowered her hands. When she did this Holly's eyes opened wide but didn't stop her. It looked as if she was tied to the chair and couldn't move. She then, just as quickly, re-closed her eyes and fell into the lust of having her breasts by another woman. I couldn't believe my good fortune. How far was this going to go? I, of course, hoped all the way.

Luck was on my side when Melissa moved around to the front of Holly and straddled her legs and squatted in front of her. She didn't even look to see I was anywhere in sight. She leaned towards Holly's face and when they were about 3-4 inches from meeting lips she asked, "may I kiss you?"

Holly did not audibly answer but Melissa took that as a yes and moved placed her hands on either side of Holly's face and gently pulled her toward her own lips. Holly's eyes closed and her awaiting lips slightly parted as the two of them met. It was the softest kiss I have ever witnessed. I still did not get involved and just let the two of them enjoy the moment. Holly raised her hands to meet the outsides of Melissa's parted legs and began softly squeezing and rubbing them. Deep moans were all that I heard coming from them. Their passionate kiss lasted for some time and then Melissa pried her lips from Holly's.

Melissa moved her mouth to Holly's left cheek and placed soft, wet pecks from her cheek to her left ear. Holly's head titled back again and a deep breathy sigh came across her moistened lips. Holly's hands were still kneading Melissa's thighs repeatedly disappearing under the hemline of Melissa's short skirt. Melissa showed her appreciation by gracing Holly's ear with a soft whimper and a slight nibble. Holly took this as an invitation to increase the height of her hands under the skirt. I couldn't see how high her hands were but I can only assume that she had them close to Melissa's awaiting pussy because she let groaned with pleasure and slightly lost her balance. When her sigh subsided she asked Holly if she'd like to go inside and straightened her legs to stand back up. Holly's hands slid down Melissa's thighs but were greeted by Melissa's hands so that she as helped up herself.

I stood back in the shadows as Melissa helped Holly out of the chair and led her back into the room. They stood in front of the bed and Melissa turned Holly to face her and began kissing her again. Holly kissed back and they picked up where they left off. I quietly stepped in and took the seat that was in the corner of the room. Their hands were all over each other and the sounds of them making out grew louder with every moment. Holly had her back facing the bed and Melissa slowly lowered her down onto it into a sitting position without even breaking their kiss. She squatted slightly to keep herself at Holly's level and she moved her hands onto Holly's thighs to keep her steady. Holly opened her legs to give Melissa closer access to herself and make it more comfortable for the both of them. I had a perfect view up my wife's skirt because it had completely parted up to her waist.

Holly's hands were still moving over Melissa's back and skirted ass while Melissa slowly inched up her naked thighs. I could see the goose bumps that formed on Holly's legs. When Melissa reached the tops of her thighs Holly broke the kiss to gasp for a breath. Melissa moved her kisses on to Holly's awaiting neck. Melissa had each of her thumbs placed on either side of Holly's panties massaging circles with them into her pelvic area. She then gracefully slipped each of her thumbs underneath of the side bands of them. Holly's arms went limp and so did her upper body and she lay back onto the bed with her feet still on the floor.

"Scoot up unto the bed," Melissa seductively demanded Holly. Without waiting to be told again Holly realized that her skirt was completely opened so she unbuttoned it, let it fall to the floor, and then backed up to the pillows at the top of the bed. Melissa crawled up in between her legs and knelt. They were staring into each others eyes and the only sounds that came from the bed was heavy breathing from the two of them. Melissa moved her hands to Holly's shirt and unbuttoned it very slowly. Each button that was undone her breathing increased and became slightly louder. Their eyes were still locked when the last button was undone and her breasts were on display. Melissa looked down at them for a brief moment and took her hands to the bottom of her own shirt and raised it up and over her head. She then reached around to unhook her bra and removed it as well.

My cock was so completely throbbing at this point that I couldn't take anymore. I quietly pulled down my own shorts took matters into my own hand and slowly stroked my throbbing dick while I watched.

Melissa pulled Holly up to her so that her shirt could be removed and then lay her back down. She leaned down to meet her with another passionate kissing and groping session. While Holly had her hands on Melissa's back she took them down to her ass and down to her thighs and then back up her skirt. When she raised her hands Melissa's skirt raised with it to display her naked panty less ass. The lights were dim but bright enough for me to be able to see the wetness of Melissa's pussy dripping down her inner thigh. Melissa took a moment and reached behind to unzip her own skirt and then slid it down her legs and tossed it onto the floor. She returned her attention to Holly's lips and then down to her neck. She licked, kissed, and nibbled every inch as she slowed to Holly's naked breasts. I could see Holly tremble and hear her moans when Melissa put her, fully erect, right nipple into her mouth.

I leaned my head back and released my orgasm onto the floor. I missed a little time as I came down from my orgasm but when I regained my senses Melissa was still on top of Holly kneading her tits while licking and sucking on her nipples. She then progressively lowered her kisses down her chest onto her firm belly. Her own body lowered onto the bed and she let her legs hang off the edge. Holly's hands moved through Melissa's coffee colored lochs and writhed under her kisses. Melissa slid down further and took hold of both sides of Holly's panty's waistband. She didn't lower them at that moment but placed soft kisses over her pussy mound through her panties. My cock was now erect again and my hand instinctively moved back onto it and began to slowly stroke.

Melissa slowly lowered Holly's thong down her hips and past her knees. She slid herself off of the bed to remove them from her feet. She threw them onto the floor right in front of me still not even realizing, or caring, that I was there. I bent down and picked them up. The crotch of her thong was so unbelievably wet. It was if she took a shower with them on. I brought them to my face and took in her aroma and gave them a lick. She tasted so sweet. My hand stroked a little faster as I watched Melissa move back up the bed kissing my wife's legs as she headed for her cunt. Holly's lips were engorged and clit was as clear as day. Her pussy was so wet that it looked as if it had already been sucked and fucked. She was squeezing her own tits as Melissa continued her teasing.

"Oh my ...!" Holly exclaimed as Melissa reached her dripping kitty.

Melissa planted her whole mouth onto Holly's cunt. I could only imagine what technique she was using on my wife. I could hear sucking sounds over Holly's moans of pleasure and then Melissa slid up towards her clit. She encircled it with her tongue and brought her right hand up and easily slid her middle and pointer finger into my woman's awaiting hole.

Holly gyrated her hips and then humped Melissa's fingers as they fucked her. Melissa's tongue was expertly tickling around Holly's clit and then alternated licking each side of her lips. Melissa was grinding her own pussy into the bed.

"Aghh me, fuck me..."Holly garbled as she fucked Melissa's face. She removed her right hand from her tit and placed it on the back of Melissa's head. She ground her mound into Melissa, "mmmm," she cried.

Melissa continued fucking Holly's twat with her fingers rubbing the top of the inside of her mound. She pushed her head against Holly's hand to raise it up somewhat to let a moan escape her own mouth. "You taste so good. I never imagined another woman would taste this good." She dropped her mouth to Holly's clit and sucked it in with her lips.

Holly kept humping the fingers that were still fucking her and her moans quickened and I knew she was going to cum soon. My own hand was moving at a rapid pace and my head dropped back for the second time. I let out a pretty noisy grunt as I shot a second load onto the floor.

Holly chimed in with her own orgasm, "ohhh, yesss, mmmm!" When her orgasm settled she pulled Melissa up to her so that they could share in a kiss. It started out slow but picked up pace quickly. I continued watching as my own stroking came to a stop. I was still so damn horny that my cock was still as hard as a rock.

The 2 girls were making out on the bed and Holly rolled over onto Melissa, still at the head of the bed. Their breasts were pressed in between each other as they fervently continued kissing. Holly parted Melissa's legs with her own right knee so each of their mounds was able to grind into one another. Her hand moved to Melissa's firm tit and gave it a small squeeze and then a rub. Melissa squirmed under Holly's touch. She went on to make her way down to just above Melissa's noticeably wet hole. She licked around the shaven mound and then went straight for her clit. Holly didn't tease Melissa at all but went right for the prize. She began licking around her clit, which drove Melissa wild.

Melissa was a bit more vocal than Holly. Her cries of pleasure turned into groans of lust as she writhed under Holly's mouth. Holly quickly dipped her tongue down into Melissa's hole to gather up her escaping juices and then moved back to her clit. I gently rose up out of my chair to watch a little closer as my wife ate another woman's pussy. I didn't say a word as I looked on. Another ?mmmm' came from Holly as she enjoyed the taste. Melissa trumped Holly's soft moan with her own and pushed her hips up into Holly's face and informed us that she was cumming. Holly knew what to do and slightly picked up the pace to let her get the fullness of her orgasm and then slowed off as she finished.

I moved back to my seat and started to clean up the floor as Holly crawled up to Melissa to share in a finishing kiss. When I was done I saw the two of them embracing one another. Holly slid over to Melissa's side and gave her another quick peck. She softly caressed her chest and around her breasts with the backs of her fingernails as they lay silent but still breathing a little heavy. I put on my shorts and stepped out onto the balcony and wished that I still smoked. I reveled in the experience that just happened. I stood out there for about 10 minutes and then was joined by Holly. She turned me toward her still naked body and looked up into my eyes, "Happy Birthday."

I leaned down and kissed her mouth. I could taste the sugary nectar of Melissa's pussy still on her mouth and felt my cock instantly harden again. I broke the kiss to turn her around and then dropped my shorts. I placed my cock into her drenched pussy and she grabbed onto the top of the railing. I banged her cunt for nearly 3 minutes and bellowed that I was going to cum. She bucked back and quickly turned around and surprisingly took me into her mouth. I fucked in and back out of her mouth 2 more time and deposited my, then, small load into it. She pumped me a few more times to swallow my cum and then raised up and planted a big wet salty kiss on me.

"Thank you for fulfilling my birthday dream," I told her and added, "I love you."

"I love you too," she replied as we both went back into the room. Melissa had left by this point and we lay down onto the bed and held each other for a few minutes before drifting off to sleep.

I will remember this birthday for the rest of my life.

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