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Short Story 5 Halloween

Short Story 5 Halloween
By: Lisa Peacock (

Seeing as it's the Halloween time of the year, I've written this little story. Hope you enjoy.


Mike and Sandra had planned to go to the Halloween party; the plans changed somewhat when Sandra developed a splitting headache, leaving Mike to go on his own


Mike and Sandra were just two ordinary people. Mike was twenty-four and Sandra was twenty-two. They had been married for three years, and had been trying for a family the last two years, to date nothing...but they still lived in hope. Both had good jobs and pretty good incomes. They made the most of the freedom they had at present, knowing that once a child was part of their life, their lifestyle would change also.

Friends that used to accompany them at week-ends, now starting families, found once junior came along, the free and easy lifestyle they once enjoyed, was not quite the sitters had to be found, and they nearly always wound their way home earlier than in previous years. Both hoped sooner rather than later, Sandra would become certainly wasn't for the want of trying.

Halloween was fast approaching and they decided they would attend the fancy dress party.

"Better we go this year.... hopefully we won't be able to next year" said Mike.

"Yes...but I'm not too sure how many of our friends will attend... you know how it is these days"

They both agreed that this might be their last opportunity and would each pick a costume for the evening...only on the night would they reveal what they were going as.

Mike decided on a blood-sucking vampire, with a mask that made him look remarkably like batman, hiding his face, and a cape, attached to his arms, so that when he raised them, they took the form of bat wings.

Sandra picked a cat woman's costume, again the mask hiding her face and the appearance of a cat, it was body hugging tight, and showed her curvaceous curves off to the fullest extent. The only thing was, Mike was never going to see it on the night of the party.

The day of the party and Sandra had a splitting was getting worse; she tried hard to shake it off, but to no avail.

"Oh god sorry Mike, I just can't go tonight, my head feels like it is going to explode. I think I'll take a couple of Panodol tablets and try and sleep it off.

"Well if you can't go... neither will I, it won't be the same without you. I've got plenty to do around here" he explained.

There followed a you should go, I won't go, you should go, I won't go, but in the end Mike reluctantly caved in and said "Ok, then I'll go, but under protest, I'll have a couple of drinks then come" he asked

"Yes you have a deal, and you don't have to dash back, just have a good time" Sandra replied.

Mike dressed, and showed Sandra his outfit.

"Whow! You look great sweetheart... don't go sinking those fangs into to many people...especially the women"

"The only woman I want to sink them into is you" Taking hold of her, and pretending to bite her neck.

She took the tablets, drew the bedroom curtains, curled up on the bed and fell into a deep sleep... the last thing she remembered was the sound on Mikes SUV, driving away.

When she awoke a couple of hours later, her headache had gone, and she felt pretty good, and then looking at the clock she thought. "Oh the night is still young, perhaps I will put on my costume and up with Mike"

She viewed the dressed image in the mirror. The leather jacket and leather pants were real tight, it needed a certain type of body to wear it, and Sandra had the right body, her ass and breasts particularly... beneath all that leather was a hot looking woman. Calf length hi heel boots, made the final touch. She strutted the room, stopped posed, then strutted again. Yes she was happy with it, wait until Mike saw her, but hey, he hadn't known what she was going to wear, and the mask hid her face. Being in amateur theatrics she could quite easily adopt a new voice, sexy, foreign, whatever she wanted, she was good at it, this could be fun, she thought.

When she arrived the car parks were full, she managed to squeeze her Honda, into a small gap. The hall itself was just as full, everybody was in a very festive mood, balloons, streamers, and posters, the spirit of Halloween was alive and well. As she pushed through the crowd, making for the bar, she'd had three proposals, (not marriage proposals,) and had her ass pinched and felt at least half a dozen times. Yes Halloween was alive and well.

Her first drink went down real well, so she ordered a second, and then began to look for Mike...then she spotted him.

"Well he seems to be enjoying himself" she thought, a look of annoyance crossing her face.

He certainly was enjoying himself, two great looking vampires, danced with him, one blond, the other long black hair, and their dancing and general appearance was very intimate and suggestive.

"So he would miss me would he, wouldn't be the same without me eh"

He certainly didn't seem to be missing her now. Sandra was the last thing on his mind. He was having a real good time, and he was going to make sure it got better.

Mike made a grab for the blond, held her close, slid his hand between her legs, groping her. She flung her head back and gave a delighted scream. He then held her ass, pulling himself hard against her stomach.

"The bastards got an erection" Sandra said to herself, fury boiling inside her. He pushed the blond away, turned and grabbed the dark haired one, again the same procedure, it looked like some sort of prelude to sex... a heightening of the sexual desires.

She was about to rush over to him, confront him, unmask him, and herself, let him know his little game was over... but suddenly and idea came to her, she liked the idea, and the game she was about to play. She became more focused now, as she edged toward the gyrating trio. She moved with the stealth of a cat, focusing on her prey, until she was almost upon them. For a moment she wondered if Mike would recognize her, was there something that might give her away. She slowly gyrated like the rest, moving closer and closer to the trio, every suggestive move, signaling sex. She's caught the attention of Mike, for a moment his movements slowed, as he turned and concentrated his gaze upon her... oh god he'd recognized her.

"Hey pussycat...why don't you come and join us...I'll make you purr" said Mike.

Oh you'll make me purr alright, you cheating bastard, its you're eyes I'll be scratching out tonight you fucking sod, she said to herself, with a seductive smile on her face. She held up her hand and used her finger to beckon him to come to her.

"Excuse me ladies...don't go away... I'll be right back" he said addressing the two women.

"We'll be right here lover boy" they replied.

Yeh... I bet you will, Sandra thought... little sluts

Mike ran his hands seductively; over the leather clad body, before him.

"Oh boy, you feel good, I like what I see... I could get my teeth into you pussy cat" he said.

And then adding "And into you some other places"

The only thing Sandra could make out were Mikes sparkling dancing eyes, and his lips, which were bathed in a smile.

"Well play your cards right, I might just let you do that, Mr Bat"

He grabbed and drew her close, repeating what he'd done to the other two women. Sandra felt his hand between her legs, groping her pussy, his finger desperately trying to make penetration through the leather.

"Oh I think they are going to have to come off pussy cat. I don't think my big hard cock can get through all that"

"Well it looks like you might have to take them off, eh?" she casually replied.

He was holding her tight and gyrating against her stomach, letting her feel his hard erection. "When I get them off, that's what's going inside you...would you like that pussycat"

"Oh yes... you don't know just how much I want it inside me" she replied.

He turned his attention to the two women.

"Hey girls, can you hold the fort for a while... pussycat and I have some, um, er business to attend to" then turning back to Sandra said, "Don't we pussycat"

"Oh we most certainly do girls, won't keep him away from you any longer than need be"

"You won't run away Brian, will you?" they replied.

Brian, so that's who you're saying you are, she thought.

"I'll definitely will be back, we have some unfinished business ourselves, haven't we?"

"You know we have" giggling.

"Come pussycat, let's go and have some fun eh?"

"I'm all for fun, and I'm sure you're going to show me what fun is all about, Mr Bat" she replied, slipping her arm through his.

"Oh don't worry, by the time we are finished you'll know you've been fucked by an expert" he declared.

"Sounds good" she replied, laughing.

"Tell me, is Brian you're real name" she asked.

There was a pause, then a smile. "No of course not...would never use my real name, would I"

"You married or something"

"Or something" he replied the "What's you're name pussycat.

"Linda" she lied

"And not you're real name either".


"Married or something?"

"Like you...or something" "Yeah well we don't really need to know too much about each other do we, just as long as we enjoy the fun eh?"

They walked amongst the parked cars, passing a couple humping on the hood of one of the vehicles. It seemed they weren't the only ones wanting a quick fuck tonight.

Mike pointed his keys at the SUV; there was a beep, with accompanying flashing lights, as the doors unlocked.

Opening the back door he said "Hop in pussy passion wagon is now open for business... plenty of room in there honey"

Sandra hoisted herself inside, planted her ass on the seat, and turned to face the incoming Mike, as he closed the door behind him.

Slightly stooped over, due to lack of headroom, he instructed Sandra to get her pants and knickers of, at the same time he was furiously undoing his own pants, unzipping his fly and pulling all down around his ankles. Sandra was doing similarly. Pulling and tugging the tight fitting leather pants down, followed by her panties, and stretching back in the seat, parting her legs as far as possible.

"Oh god...oh god, that's one lovely looking cunt, pussycat"

Yeah well you've seen and fucked it many times before, don't you recognize it, she thought.

Mikes cock brushed the side of her thigh, Sandra felt a tingle run through her body, she watched the head of Mikes cock enter, and her pussy quickly swallow up the rest of the shaft... he was all the way in.

Mike gave a long sigh, adding "Ohhhhhhhhh, that feels so good.... so tight" as his hips began to sway.

Yeah well this time see if you can give me a baby, could be the last thing you do for me shit head, she thought.

Mike smiled at her. "How's that pussycat, you like Brian's cock inside you eh?"

"Oh yes Brian, yes" She may be furious at him, but she did like being fucked, continuing to stare at the hard shaft as it slid in and out. She flung back her head and cried. "Oh fuck.... oh fuck" Brian's ass humping up and down, his cock pounding her wet pussy.

"Yeah...feels good for me too...oh god how that feels good"

"Better than your wife then, eh Brian?"

"Oh god yeah, miles better.... She knows nothing about fucking"

Sandra's blood and temper was rising, she was about to tear off her mask, and reveal just who it was he was fucking, but no, she had to play her plan, later, she would have her revenge later, and all the evidence for her lawyer.

A quick fuck was all it was going to be... a quickie. In, fuck, cum, out. Everybody happy.

"And you, does your husband give you what you he good at fucking?"

"He's an asshole, wouldn't know how to fuck... not like you Brian... now you're an expert"

The sound of lovemaking intensified with every thrust of Mike's cock, fuck, fuck, fuck.

"I'm gona cum... I'm gona cum" he finally shouted.

Sandra felt the flow of Mikes, alias Brian's warm fluid, squirting into her pussy. Her reaction was to press down hard on to the shaft, wanting to feel every last inch of his pulsating cock.

"Oh god... oh my fucking god" he gasped, rather breathlessly, as the last dregs of his sperm flowed inside her.

"Oh shit Brian, that was just fantastic" she declared.

"Yeah for me to pussycat"

It was now just a question of pulling up, pants, knickers, and underpants, as they struggled in the confined space of the SUV.

The amber lights flashed, and the alarm bleeped as Mike secured the vehicle.

Arm in arm, they made their way back to the party.

Before entering the crowded hall, Mike slipped his hand on Sandra's butt, saying.

"Thanks, I enjoyed what we just did're a good fuck.. I'll give you that"

"Thanks Brian, you're pretty good yourself" she replied, thinking, for an asshole.

"We might meet up again sometime... eh?" he remarked.

"Oh I'm sure we will.... I look forward to it"

"Great" he said, giving one last squeeze of her buttock. "Thanks again" he added. Then vanished into the hall and crowed.

Sandra followed, and caught sight of Mike as he weaved a course back to the two women he'd left earlier... nothing had altered; he was all over them like a rash. She ordered a drink and fumed at what she was seeing.

A deep rich voice behind her caught her attention. "Hello there cat woman, I don't hear you purring". it said.

When she turned, it was a tall broad skeleton, far too broad for a skeleton if the truth be known. The bones were white, the costume background black, but the guy inside it was also black, uncovered eyes, and mouth and hands told her this.

"Oh hi...sorry, I was miles away" she replied as an apology, waving her hand in a dismissive gesture. Then showing him a friendly smile.

"You look too healthy to be a skeleton" she said.

He looked down at himself and laughed. "Yeah it was all they had left.... all the costumes were out, and I don't think I'd fit into a leprechaun suit, do you"

She laughed also, agreeing it would look somewhat ridiculous.

Sandra glanced to where Mike was flirting with his newfound girl friends.

"Would you like to hit the floor for a spell.... er, sorry didn't catch your name?" the tall stranger asked.

Sandra smiled, she hadn't given a name but she stayed with the one she'd given herself earlier. "Linda" her reply.

"Well pleased to meet you Linda.... I'm Greg"

Another look at Mike and his girls.

"Sure, I'd love to hit the floor Greg"

Greg placed a strong arm around her waist, and carved his way to the dance area. One thing was certain, no one was going to menace or tackle the guy, he was tall and broad of back... a skeleton he was not.

The DJ was good, as was the sound system, a good variation of records. "The Monster Mash" an apt choice.

As they shook, shaked, and gyrated, Sandra kept an eye on Mike... it was obvious he was getting horny again, rubbing himself hard up against the women. When the music slowed to a nice easy rhythm. Greg placed his arms around Sandra' waist, and holding each other, danced on the spot. It didn't take long for his hands to work down to her butt, gently massaging and squeezing the cheeks.

Normally she would have politely asked him to remove them, but not tonight. Seeing Mike and those tarts of his, she wasn't going to deny herself, not this evening. Greg snuggled nearer, squeezing those tight buns of hers. The mask hid her face, but left her neck exposed. He whispered in her ear.

"Let's find somewhere quiet, and perhaps have a little fun...what do you say?" his hands squeezing her, harder. Sandra understood perfectly what "A little fun" meant.

The sight of Mike with his arms around his companion's shoulders, and theirs, around his waist, as they made for the door, sealed it for her.

She looked up at him, smiled, gave him a friendly kiss on the cheek and said.

"Yes, why not, where do you want to take me"

With a knowing tap on his nose and a wink, he said.

"Come with me, I'll show you"

His arm curved around her waist, they headed for the door, as he guided her through the throng of dancers.

The night air seemed cool in contrast to the hall, and its mass of people. The sight of Mike and his two female companions sweeping by in his SUV, was only adding fuel to the fire.

"This way" Greg murmured, guiding her down the side of the building. They were moving further and further from the well-lit area, heading into the darkness.

Sandra became apprehensive and pulled to a halt.

"Heh, where are you taking's awfully dark down there"

"Please. Don't worry yourself...I'm not going to rape or harm you" he said. Then pulling away from her, putting his hands in the air, continued. "Look if you are the least concerned, we'll call it a night, you can go back inside, and feel safe amongst the people. What I have to show you is just around the corner"

Still not totally convinced, but she agreed to go on. When they turned the corner, there it was. The largest mobile home Sandra had ever seen.

"Home... sweet home" he said, smiling

"Jeeze is that yours?" she asked in astonishment.

"Every square inch of it...come on, let me show you around... has a great bedroom... and an even better bed" A mischievous smile.

Greg now removed his mask revealing his fine features; Sandra did the same, no need to hide identity any longer.

He led her into what can only be described as a pent house suit on wheels. Everything gleamed and glistened. Luxury, luxury, luxury.

"Well what do you think" he asked. It took her a moment or two to get her breath back. She was impressed.

"My god, this is unbelievable...I ... I just can't find the words" her reply.

"Ahh, but the best is though here" he said, ushering her nearer the bedroom door.

"It's what lies behind this door that counts most"

When he opened the door, she was confronted with another shock. It wasn't the luxury, or the big bed, it was the black guy, reclining the length of it, propped up against a couple of pillows, casually reading a magazine. Apart from the towel wrapped around his midriff, he was naked.

Sandra's body stiffened, a look of horror and fear on her face

"Oh god should go...I can't... I can't..."

Greg's hand shot out and held her gently, but firm.

"Hey, it's ok honey, I didn't mean this to frighten you... we mean you no harm... I thought if I told you all this before hand, you wouldn't come"

Too right she wouldn't have come, but his grip wasn't threatening, his voice was soothing and confident.

"Same thing applies, if you want to go, you can, Bobbie and I won't stop you...I just thought you wanted a good time, and I'm sure Bobbie and I can show you a good time, that's all"

She was starting to calm down. Mike her husband had taken off with two women, why not she with two guys. "What's good for the goose...etc, etc"

"Yes... yes.... Yes, why not eh, twice the fun eh?" she replied.

"That's the spirit is what you came for and fun is what you're gona get"

"Hey, you two guys aren't?" her hand waving the air "You know?"

"What gay, a couple" he laughed, as did Bobbie. "Good lord no... far from it, but I can understand why you would think so"

"No Bobbie is an old friend, we go back a few years, and we are taking a vacation, one we have both earned... our wives... and I'm being straight up front here... we are married, are still at home... probably glad to see us go... bet they are doing the same as us... but who cares" he said with a shrug.

"And you, are you married?"

Sandra was silent a moment, then nodded. "Yes...yes, I'm married"

"The guy with the two broads attached to him eh?"

"Yes...yes that was him" she replied.

"Ha... I thought so, the way you kept your eyes on him, and the look on your face, you were showing anger"

"Yes, the cheating toad"

"Well tonight you're going to get your own back eh? Pay him big time, show him he's not the only one"

Sandra's spirits lifted, why not she thought, if he can take on two women, she could take on two guys.

"Yeah, you're right, come on guys, lets get it on" Now she was really in the mood for it.

Greg chuckled approval and smiled. Bobbie smiled saying "Yeah, now you're talking"

"I'm gona make sure everything is locked up tight and secure. Why don't you get comfortable, take your clothes off Linda, and get to know Bobbie a little better, I'll be right back". Greg turned and walked away.

"Sounds good advice to me Linda...why not make yourself comfortable, eh?"

First thing to remove was her tight fitting leather cat woman jacket, thus revealing breast filled bra.

"Ohhh, yes very nice" commented Bobbie.

She then turned her back on him, and sat at the bottom of the bed; she tugged at her calf length boots. First left, then right, discarding them to one side. Undoing, and unzipping her leather pants, she lifted her ass a few inches off the bed and slipped out of leather pants.Standing, she turned to face Bobbie, he gave a hiss and a whistle as he eyed the view before him.

"Ohhh nice, yes very nice" he remarked.

Sandra smiled, then reached behind and undid bra, shrugging out of it, and again discarding it. Another hiss, another whistle.

"Oh god it gets better...god you have really nice tits Linda, let me feel them" he said, reaching up to her.

"All in good time my love, all in good time"

Next to go were her panties, slipping them over her hips and down past her thighs, then stepping out of them.

"Oh shit...oh shit...ohhhh shit" he said, as he stared at her naked form. Then flinging back the towel, to reveal a very large erection.

It was Linda's turn to be shocked.

"Oh my god... that thing can't be for real, did you get a transplant from a donkey?"

It was one of the biggest cocks she had ever seen, like some giant of the forest, standing tall and proud.

"I always thought it was just a myth, what they said about black men" she said, continuing to stare at the monster.

He stroked it with pride, smiling at her.

"Think you can take it honey?"

"I'm not sure... but I'll give it a good go"

"Here, lie next to me" said Bobbie, patting the bed beside him.

Sandra crawled on the bed, and lay beside him, feeling the warmth of his hot body next to hers.

Bobbie lay on his side, head supported in hand. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her hip, a great paw, grabbed her other hip, then his mouth and lips were at her mouth and lips and the kissing was hot and passionate.

The hand that was on her hip, now moved to her breast, it was gentle and sensual as it moved across the firm flesh, a gentle squeeze, finger and thumb tweaking the hardening nipple. A moan from Sandra.

The hand started to work its way down, skimming gently over her warm flesh, filling her with excited anticipation.

Bobbie felt her course pubic hair against the palm, her legs flopped open, as he pushed between her thighs, a finger feeling and tracing the outline of her slit. She knew she was becoming wet. She broke the kiss and gave a gasp.

"Oh god.... oh god Bobbie...Bobbie" she called.

"Well now that's what I like to see, the two of you getting to know one another" Grinning. It was Greg. Having secured the homes doors, he returned to hear the start of Bobbie making his play, he held back, but now it was time to enter.

Sandra looked up, just as Greg began to undress. Each item of clothing being discarded in a haphazard fashion. Finally he removed the last item, his underpants. It was another shock for her.

"Oh god... oh no" she moaned.

It was another giant of the forest that she beheld before her. Like Bobbie, he stroked it with pride.

"You like this honey?" he asked

"Oh god, not one, but two...oh jeeeeeeze"

"Yeah but we give value here, I promise" his reply, as he lay on her other side.

She was now sandwiched between, two hot bodies. Greg pressing his own hard monster against her warm body.

Bobbie's finger, pushed into the wet slit, one became two, then three.

"Ohhhh shit" she sighed. The intruding fingers, working inside her, touching, feeling her clit. Her heart and pulse racing. Excitement and anticipation rising.

"Here let me give you a little sample sweetheart, said Bobbie, sliding on top of her, his hard shaft pushing between her thighs, both Bobbie and Greg, pulling her legs open.

"Oh no, please don't, you haven't got a condom on... please don't cum in me... I don't want to get pregnant...Please" she begged.

"Oh don't you worry about that honey...I'm a long way off before I cum...this is just a little sample"

Bobbie was taking no notice of Sandra's plea's not to put it in. Still pleading, she watched the head and first couple of inches go inside her.

"Oh god...oh no" she whimpered. She took a deep breath, held it, and watched her pussy swallow up the giant, only his balls now visible.

"Oh?my?god" she eventually screamed, releasing her pent up breath. She'd felt every inch of it, as he thrust it inside of her.

She closed her eyes, and pushed back into the pillow and mattress. Bobbie's ass humping up and down at a nice steady rhythm.

"You like that honey... you like Bobbies cock fucking you?"

"Oh god yes...yes...yes" she screamed, as the euphoria spread through her body. The fact that he wasn't wearing a condom didn't seem to matter anymore.

It was somewhat akin to being groped and felt by a centipede. Hands were squeezing her breasts, and a finger was stuck up her ass. Her own hand had reached out and grabbed Greg's cock and she was masturbating him at the same time. She was overcome with a lust and desire; her head was starting to spin, and she was feeling hot wedged between them.

Bobbie had stopped humping, but remained inside her. His lips touched her lips, the tip of his wet tongue running gently and sensually between them, eventually asking.

"Does that feel good for you Linda?" She sighed and purred, just a whisper.

"Oh god yes...yes"

She felt him slipping out of her.

"No, no, don't... don't take it out, not yet" she pleaded.

"Oh don't worry, we have plenty more for you, Greg's gona take're now gona feel his cock inside you honey" he said, as he made way for Greg. She could see Bobbie's cock was all wet and gleaming from being inside her.

She felt Greg's wait, bearing down on her, still holding his cock in her hand, she guided him toward her slit, placing it inside. Then, just as she had watched Bobbie, she watched Greg's giant of the forest being swallowed up by her pussy. More soft sighs of satisfaction. "Ahhhhhhh" and she lay back into the pillow and mattress, to enjoy the rise and fall of Greg's ass humping between her legs.

Hands continued to touch and fondle her breasts, who had which breast, she neither knew, nor cared. Her breasts were now firm, her nipples hard like diamonds.

Warm mouths, tongues and hot breath, were either side of her neck and ears, licking, nibbling.

"Ohhhh god, oh god" she softly murmured, as euphoria took over, her logic to think. She seemed lost in a fog, drowning in the sea of lust and desire.

Greg now straddled her body, his cock only inches from her mouth, wet and glistening. She had to open her mouth somewhat more than usual to be able to take it. Greg's response was immediate as he felt her warm tongue; circle the shaft, corona and slit of his penis.

"Ohhhh my god. Linda...Linda" Her head moving in time with his own movements.

Sandra felt her legs being pushed wider apart; it was Bobbie...his finger now tweaking her clit...she knew she was about to cum. He heart and pulse raced. Then it hit her. The orgasm ripped through her body, a giant electric pulse. For a moment her body stiffened as it passed through, there was a slurping sound from her pussy...her now very wet pussy.

They passed her from one to the other. If it wasn't Greg's cock inside her, it was Bobbie's, as they continued to endlessly hump.

She had no say or control in the actions neither did she care. Whatever they did was ok by her.

Strong hands grabbed her ankles and dragged her to the bottom of the bed... with legs once again held apart, warm tongues and mouths were eating and chomping at her pussy. The tongues licking and delving deep inside, she moaned and groaned, her head thrashed from side to side. The look on her face would give any observer the impression she was in pain, the truth was just the opposite... it was exotic and euphoric. She wanted more...much more. Caution had now been thrown to the wind, she no longer had control over her actions, the truth be known, she never had.

The red digits on the bedside clock rolled over, late evening becoming early morning, tick, tick, tick.

The feeding frenzy over, they rolled her onto he stomach, her body forming a bent over position. This time it was Bobbie who entered her first, slamming himself hard against her hind end, smack, smack, smack, the flesh of her ass, quivering with every thrust... like the ripples on a pond.

"Oh god... oh... oh... oh jeeze" and "Ohhhhhh... holly shit"

Greg scissored his legs around her head and shoulders, his cock only inches from her mouth. "Mmmmmmm" the sound of Sandra as she sucked and licked the hard shaft of the penis, just presented to her.

Time wasn't standing still, the red digits continued to click over, tick, tick, tick.

The continued changing of the guard or positions, both Greg and Bobbie taking full advantage of this woman who had offered herself to them. The sounds coming from her, told them she was enjoying it as much as they were.

"Oh, ah...oh, ah" "Oh yes...oh yes...oh yes"

Hump, hump... fuck, fuck

Time for one last position before the finale...double penetration. Sandra slowly impaled herself on to Greg's hard shaft. Bobbie placed his body on top of Sandra, and then spreading the cheeks of her ass, slowly but surely pushed inside her. She screamed, as it began to open her up, but with patience and coaxing soon it was all in, together Greg and Bobbie thrust and swayed in sync, Sandra the meat in this sandwich, the recipient of not one, but two large cocks

Perspiration poured from all of them, the heat generated by their action, was immense.

The feeling of warm cum, being shot inside her, brought Sandra back to reality.

"Whoops... sorry honey" Greg's reaction to what he was doing "I just couldn't help it"

"Oh god you bastard, you promised to wear a condom at the end" she screamed at him. Bobbie just continued to hump, he was almost ready to cum, he was not going to be denied his satisfaction, no matter what. Even as Sandra thumped at Greg's chest with her fists, calling him all sorts of names, still he continued, he was almost there... then he exploded, filling her ass full of cum.

There was a subdued silence in contrast to all the action of only a moment ago.

"You bastard" she whimpered one more time, with a futile last thump at his chest. She had no more strength or will left in her.

The trio split apart, sweaty exhausted bodies parted.

Sandra sat with her legs dangling over the side of the bed, head in hands, staring at the floor. Her ass and thighs were wet from cum that was oozing from her.

Greg put a comforting arm around her shoulder.

"I'm sorry Linda, I truly am.... I... I just lost control at the last second" he said, offering her an apology.

"I told you both to wear a condom" she replied, tears welling up in her eyes.

God she thought, what if she were now pregnant, this was going to take some explaining to Mike, even if he had been the cause of to nights orgy with these two guys. Her one remaining savior would be a morning after pill. It would be the first thing she would do, tomorrow, well today actually.

"I've got to go" she said looking at the digits on the clock. Now she worried in case Mike had made it home before her, more explanations as to how she was out until this hour.

She quickly redressed in the cat woman suit. She was vaguely aware of both Greg and Bobbie singing her praises, and how great it had all been. She returned the compliments, smiling and trying to put on a brave face. She had genuinely enjoyed her time with these two guys, it was some of the best sex she'd ever had, but now guilt was catching up with her conscience.

She smiled at them, and again thanked them for a great time. Greg continued to be sorry as he escorted her back to her car. It looked lonely and forlorn, in the middle of a near empty parking lot.

He slipped his arms around her waist, embraced and kissed her passionately.

"Hey look I really am sorry... if I can possibly help in any way, give me a call" he said, handing her his business card.

Darren Caulfield, it said. Business and financial investments.

So Greg was not his real name, no surprises there. Linda wasn't her real name.

"Thanks I mean Darren...I'll be fine...just fine, and thanks for a great night"

She slipped the car into drive, and could see Greg/Darren in her mirror, standing watching her leave, as she drove away, one final wave.

The house was empty and quiet, only Smokey the cat, weaving around and between her feet, meowing for food. He was going to be disappointed.

She quickly showered, washing the scent of musk body spray and the smell of male cum from her body. She douched herself thoroughly, not that it mattered now; it would be well past that.

She slid between the sheets, closing her eyes. She fingered her pussy, reliving the events of tonight.

She thought to herself "Well Mike you bastard, its your own fault"

The sound of Mikes key in the latch brought her thoughts back to reality.

He moved silently through the house and crept quietly into the bedroom, not wanting to wake Sandra.

"How considerate" she thought.

He jumped, startled when she asked. "Well how did your night go darling?"

This she had to hear, just what sort of bullshit was he going to tell her.

"How did the party go?" she asked.

"Eh...oh, the party, no never went in the end" he replied.

Lying son of a bitch, she thought.

"Oh yeah, then where did you go all dressed up like that?"

"To dads house"

"You're fathers house...why?"

"Well seeing as you weren't with me I decided to go and join his card school for the night"

"When I got there they all laughed at me, and asked why I was dressed like this... I told them where I was headed but I'd changed my mind and decided to join them... so dad asked if he could go instead. He'd prepared sandwiches for us, and the beer was all cold, so I stayed and gave dad my costume... apparently had a great time, met a real hot chick, screwed her rotten in the back of my SUV, then the randy old sod went back and took another two back to their place and screwed them as well, hence why I'm so late back... sorry honey... did you miss me?

Her blood had turned cold as ice; she had a terrible sickly feeling in her stomach. She thought she was going to be sick.

"Ohhhh shit, what had she done?"

Well she'd made a terrible mistake for one

"Of course I missed you know I did" She lied.

"Jeeze what's wrong darling... you don't look too good... you alright?"

"Yes... yes of course I'm alright... just a tummy bug" she replied.

The thing was, it could be one hell of a tummy bug.

Lisa Peacock: Author

Sunday, September 12, 2010

It Started as a Massage

It Started as a Massage
By: Mintof (

It Started as a Massage

I see you lying on the massage table. The thin sheet covers everything except your head but it cannot hide the lovely curves of your body. I start at your feet, lifting the sheet to expose your legs and after rubbing my hands together to make the oil nice and warm, I work on the sole of your right foot. A satisfied sigh escapes from your lips as I work my way slowly up your leg and past your knee. I see you shift your legs apart so that I can reach higher but that will have to wait. "Anticipation," I think to myself, "makes the ending so much better!"

I move to your right foot, again working the oil into your sole and then moving slowly up your leg. I feel your muscles relaxing under my hands until I move past your knee and work my way up your thigh. The sheet has partially slid off now and my cock begins to stir as I have a clear view of your pussy just inches away from where I am working. My circular motions inch slowly up your thigh until my hand briefly brushes against your pussy. As you attempt to push against my hand, I pull back a bit and then brush lightly against your pussy again before stroking your leg back down to your feet.

You groan as I slide the sheet back down over your legs. I lightly rub the backs of your legs as I move up to your ass. After a small rub there, I continue to move up your body and then slowly pull down the sheet off of your shoulders.

The massage continues with the back of your neck. I hear a quiet "mmm" from you as I work out a few tight places and then continue with your shoulders. As my fingers walk down your spine, I can feel your body relaxing a bit until I reach the small of your back. My fingers continue their travels and I rub your ass, you try to shift slightly so that my fingers will move between your legs. "Not quite yet," I think. I massage each side of your ass and when I see a bit of oil dripping down between your legs, I briefly dip my fingers down to scoop it up. The sudden contact on your pussy surprises you and then my fingers move away.

It is now time for you to turn over on to your back!

I hold the sheet up for you as you turn over on to your back. I start again at your feet. Again it will be one leg at a time! I rub the sole of your left foot and make sure that each toe gets some attention. Just as I feel you relaxing again under my warm hands, I lean over and give you left foot a little nibble and a lick. A shiver goes from your foot all the way your leg and to the top of your head. I smile.

I gently stroke your left leg from foot to calf to thigh interrupting my pattern every so often to give your leg a kiss or a slight nip. I spend a bit of time around your knee which is quite sensitive and enjoy teasing you with a rub which stops just shy of tickling. The sheet is now pulled up over your waist and I can see your lovely pussy. I shift your legs slightly apart so I can enjoy the view as my fingers make their way up your thigh. This time my right hand moves between your legs and gently strokes your outer lips. I feel you shifting a bit in a brief attempt to have move my fingers to the centre but you will need to wait a bit longer yet....

After a few minutes, I glide my hands down your left leg, give your left foot a gentle squeeze and move to your right foot. Again, I pay attention to each toe. This time, however, you are ready for me and the shiver is not as strong as I nibble your foot. Ahah... I think. It is time to move things up a notch!

Beginning with the inside of your ankles, I start nibbling on the insides of your legs, slowly working my way up your legs. I hear a quiet moan from your throat as I pass your knees and work my way up your thighs. My head is between your legs now as my mouth slowly works its way towards your pussy. I use my hands to spread your legs wide and open you up. I lick your outer lips. You feel my hot breath on your pussy and then a light stroke with my tongue. With light stokes, I move around your clit giving you pleasure but no direct contact yet on the clit itself. Your hips are quivering as I get closer and closer to your clit.

You groan aloud as I pull away my face and take off your sheet completely. I look into your lust-filled eyes and give you a kiss. As we kiss, my hands wander over your chest and gently massage your chest with circular patterns that come close to but do not yet touch your nipples. Your hand reaches down and feels my cock straining in my shorts. I pull away from your mouth after a few minutes and enjoy the sight of your erect nipples ready to be caressed.

Your nipples stick out at me as I lower my head to your chest and warmly blow upon them. It is now time! I lick your left breast as my left hand fondles your right breast and my right hand moves in circular patterns down your stomach towards your pussy. My licks start on the underside of your breast first and slowly make their way up to your engorged nipple. At last I lick the nipple itself at the same time that my left hand makes it to your right nipple and my right hand arrives at your pussy. You gasp and I feel a shudder go through your body as I gently nibble on your nipple. When I start rubbing your clit, your whole body tenses up and then starts shaking as you cum hard on my hand. I ease off a bit letting your enjoy the moment before we enjoy a gentle kiss.

This is my first story and I would really appreciate feedback including suggestions as to where to go with the story from here...


By: Degas5 (


It was just another Monday. Some new construction on Crescent Avenue made for a longer ride to work. Vince made a note to go a different way for the next few weeks. In the break room, he filled his Huskies mug with some of the evil brew that masqueraded as coffee. He good-morninged the co-workers he passed on the way to his office. Sitting down he glanced at his calendar, checked his in-basket, and pulled up his email to check that. There were three or four internal memos, but there was also one entitled: Standing on a Sea Shell.

That certainly seemed odd. He opened it up and the first thing he noticed was the attached picture. It was a shoulder, just a bare shoulder and a bit of the arm. Presumably, judging from the size, a woman's shoulder. Curiouser and curiouser. He read the letter:

Vincent, Someone told me that you were worth knowing. I wonder if they're right. Some men think I'm worth knowing. Maybe we could research the idea. Three things about me: 1. I'm 5'7"2. I graduated from Northwestern. 3. I'm currently wearing turquoise panties. Write to me ~

Sincerely, Aphrodite

Vince shook his head in disbelief. He looked at the letter again. Nothing changed. OK, someone was hitting on him, but who? Someone who knew his email address, but anyone could find out his work email. He hadn't been in a relationship for almost four months since he had broken up with Roberta. Her career had called her off to another city, and it had ended amiably. "Quite amiably," he thought as he recalled their final night of sexual pleasure.

Somebody in the office was probably playing a joke on him. He wondered who it was. He'd gone with a couple of the women, maybe it was one of them. Maybe there WAS a lady with turquoise panties, and the fact they were mentioned suggested the possibility that they might be removed. certainly no harm in playing along. Even if it was a joke, he doubted it was a malicious one.

Ok then, how to respond? He looked at it again. There was no mention in the message of the attached picture. Should he ask about it directly? He shook his head. Something more interesting. Ah, a haiku - one of those little Oriental poems. After trying a few ideas he came up with something and typed his reply:

Dearest Aphrodite,

I enjoy the company of women who know they are worth knowing. Perhaps you have written to tease me with a joke; perhaps to tease me and tempt me. With the images of Botticelli and the turquoise panties, I find myself intrigued. Certainly your note was more delightful than most of my Monday morning messages. And I will balance your three facts. 1. I graduated from UConn. 2. I am 6'1" tall. 3. I am currently wearing - a yellow tie - a slight smile.


Dressing? Undressing? Why lies the shoulder naked? Do waves crash below?

He smiled as he hit the send button. Then he turned to more mundane emails and the more mundane task of getting work under way on a Monday. The pleasant distraction left his mind for the most part as he went about his work for the day. Not entirely. A few times he wondered if there would be a reply; a few times he wondered if someone he knew had sent it.

As he began each day checking email, Vince also checked them at the end of the day. He smiled when he saw one entitled: De Milo.

Vincent, I'm glad you decided to play the game: the game, the dance, as two people break down their separateness and move closer. I hope I add a little mystery to the day. I promise we've never been introduced, never shaken hands, never made love. I work in the city, but we are not co-workers. I do not want the mystery to fade too soon; we all need a mystery in our lives. We all need a little spice. Aphrodite

Cute little poem But I'd like something bigger To thrust in my mind.

Wow! He wasn't positive whether her response actually criticized his haiku or not, but there was no questioning the erotic image her words created. He was a little disappointed there was no picture attached. He pulled up the email from the morning and looked at the shoulder. He had never considered the eroticism of a naked shoulder; the pervasive eroticism of skin, the muscles in the adjoining arm, the simple fact of nakedness. And if it was Her shoulder, then it was part of an erotic individual. Of course, the sexy, the erotic, was mostly in the mind, in the images of remembrance, in the images of dreams. He decided to wait until later to respond.

Vince stopped off at a bar on the way home, a nice place. He just wanted to see if he could figure out anything. Who was she? Was it even a she? There still was a possibility it was one of his buddies playing an elaborate practical joke. He held that thought for just a moment before shaking his head. If it was a joke, the picture and the language would've been much more explicit. No, this was legit. OK, back to the "who" question. Not someone he had met, but someone who for some reason was interested in him. OK, a friend of a friend seemed most likely.

Having gotten that far, Vince couldn't think of any other clues. Presumably it was her shoulder in the picture, but so what? If they had never met even a head shot wouldn't have helped. Maybe, she had seen him at a party or some other public type place, and even though they had not met he might remember her face. Vince shook his head again. "Just have to play the game," he said to himself. He finished his beer and headed home.

Unlike most of his single friends, Vince owned a house. Ok, the bank and Vince owned a house. Not so close to the city as an apartment, but he liked it for precisely that reason. Just a small two bedroom place with a tiny yard. It did have a nice tree in front. Vince liked the tree, made it feel more like home to him. He had put some forsythia in next to the house, but otherwise he didn't spend much effort on the yard. Inside there was nothing unusual, except it was perhaps a bit neater than some of his buddies' places.

One thing that made it different was that he virtually never brought a woman there for sex. He couldn't say he'd never brought someone there. He couldn't say he had never had a one-night stand. But that was his unspoken rule. Vince certainly liked sex as much as the next guy, he didn't push so hard for it as some guys he knew who seemed to think it was a competition. He could still count the women he'd been to bed with without taking off his shoes. The other factor was that he saw the house as his refuge from the world, and he didn't like to share that casually.

Looking in the fridge, Vince decided on what he called a junk salad. He threw in whatever he could find: garbanzo beans, pepperoni, mozzarella, and some leftover chicken nuggets. Then he headed for his computer.

Dearest Aphrodite,

I am sorry to hear that we have not met; hopefully we will be able to remedy that. You will find that I am handsome, sexy, charming, and extremely humble. "smiles" Tell me more about yourself, and more about the turquoise panties. Since you have my email address from work, presumably you know where I work and what I do. Perhaps you didn't know I once spent a summer living in the 1800s (at Old Sturbridge in Massachusetts). I look forward to your next letter.

Au revoir, Vincent

That Monday was the day that started their relationship. And it did quickly become a relationship. The letters became more friendly and familiar, less formal. Yet Aphrodite had unspoken rules too. She said nothing that would give away her identity. She responded to all requests for a face-to-face with the phrase: When it's time. She never commented on the pictures she sent, at least not directly.

For instance, when the picture of bare feet on the sand came over, she wrote: Did you know they have nude beaches in Jamaica? When Vince found out that it was her birthday, he offered to come over, "We could have cake and ice cream and wear our birthday suits."

They began to develop relationship. For Vince, she gradually become more three dimensional, well rounded, and real. She was funny, smart, well read, and seemed to be a person who enjoyed life. Amazingly she also became more and more erotic. In Vince's previous experience, friend and erotic usually were mutually exclusive terms. Not with Aphrodite. It was partly due to the pictures.

The pictures came almost every day and became increasingly risqué: a bare midriff, lower back and buttocks ("I was wondering if you needed any buns for your hotdog?"). Two black and white shots of her breasts: one in profile and one frontal ("Are you sure you need to take naked mug shots, officer? It was just a parking ticket.") There was a naked torso, a torso wrapped in a diaphanous nightgown. when discussing art, Aphrodite mentioned that she didn't think the "Kneeling Woman" in Degas' painting was kneeling down to pray, but had something entirely different on her mind. There was even a shot of the land between her legs. All the picture were done quite tastefully; all were quite erotic. It was at the point where Vince's whole mood depended on the emails. And still the only answer he got when he asked to meet was "When it's time".

One evening, Vince was reading her letter and enjoying a particularly sexy pose, when he got an inspiration. It took him several hours, and then he was too excited to sleep. Finally around 3 am, he sent off a special email. He had written a song for his Aphrodite.

APHRODITE [tune - Greensleeves]

From toes in sand to shoulder bare, Calf and thigh to raven hair, The whole is greater than its parts, The sensual Aphrodite.

Chorus: Passion, erotic bliss, Lies within Aphrodite's kiss. Sexy and sensual Fairest of all, Aphrodite.

Your snowy breasts with redness tipped, Can't help but make me lick my lips. Curve of your back and rounded ass, Make me rise up with desire. Chorus:

O sweet goddess of mystery To kiss you would be heavenly. To have your tongue in my mouth, To have it dance farther down south. Chorus:

To dine on you would be divine, To touch your sweet clitoris, Your juices taste like the finest wine, Your moans of excitement excite me. Chorus:

To be with you would be a dream To merge my body into yours. You make me hot on lonely nights. Erotic dream, Aphrodite. Chorus:

Vince managed to get himself to work in the morning. With no sleep, he was not quite at his best. He was disappointed not to see a return email. He fumbled through the morning, and just after lunch checked his email again. There was a picture different from any other. It was her face! Her face was more round than oval, and her eyes were a warm brown. She seemed to be looking directly at Vince with a smile on her lips. The message was short.

It's time. Tonight 9:00 pm 1215 N. Lincoln - Apt 407 Aphrodite

Vince was elated! On his way home he bought some roses and a bottle of wine he knew she would like. He was able to nap for a couple hours which did him a world of good. He ate a light supper, then headed out. Feeling that they probably wouldn't be going out anywhere, he just wore his good jeans and a sweater.

He arrived at the address well ahead of 9:oo and found a parking garage less than a block away. As he rode up the elevator, he was nervous and excited like he hadn't been for years. Ringing the bell, he heard a voice ask "Who is it?" "Vince," he answered. "Just a minute," she answered. After a slight pause, "OK, you can come in now." Vince turned the knob and pushed the door open. Across the room was a woman wearing a white gown that covered everything, but was so transparent it covered nothing. She was wearing nothing else. Vince stared at the assembly of the parts he had seen in the pictures.

"Hi," she said, "My name is Jody." Vince was just a little stunned. She took the flowers and the wine from him. She turned on some music and asked him if he'd like to dance. He took her in his arms as the melody of "Greensleeves" filled the room. Thanks to Vince's creation it was now an erotic song for the two of them. Pressing close together she could feel his hardness, and he was feeling her ass. Somewhere during the dance, their mouths met and their tongues wrestled. Taking a breath, Vince said, "Are you as horny as I am?" Using an affected haughty sounding voice, Jody answered, "Horny is such a crude and vulgar word. Let's just say that I'm almost dripping wet, and I want to have you inside me - NOW!"

Pulling him in the bedroom, she disrobed only slightly faster than he did, and knelt on the bed on all fours. She was fever hot, and Vince was ready to oblige her. His fingers felt between her legs. She hadn't been lying about being wet. Holding her hips, he speared her wetness. She arched almost immediately. Her level of sexual tension had been so high that she climaxed almost on contact. Vince battled to hold on, as her vaginal walls convulsed. He had to think of some terribly unsavory things to keep from exploding. As she calmed, he began thrusting his full length in and out of her hot tight wetness. It felt so good. From time to time, he leaned over to stroke her breasts and the nipples that capped them. Energy filled her frame once more, and she had her second orgasm. Unable to hold out a second time, Vince pulled out and splattered himself on her backside.

They both collapsed for a moment, breathing heavily. The situation felt unreal, but the presence of each other's naked bodies confirmed the reality of it, and urged them to continue. Jody urged him on his back, and applied her mouth to his somewhat limp member. Each of them was delighted that under her talented tongue it quickly recovered to a useful hardness. Fantastic as it felt, Vince pushed her off and moved on top of her. His mouth devoured hers. He skillfully worked his way around and around her breasts until he caught her nipples; each having several turns. Down her sweaty body he aimed for her pleasure, and his fingers and tongue danced across her clitoris and probed her vagina. She was rewarded with the explosion of orgasm, and he was rewarded with a river of her hot sweet juices.

Grabbing for a condom, he dressed his shaft and reinserted it deep within her. Having come once, Vince knew he didn't need to hold back, and he pumped her feverish body at a feverish pace. Again she exploded in orgasm, but Vince kept on plumbing her depths, causing her to roll into a cascade of orgasms, thundering through her body like Niagara thunders over the brink. Then Vince erupted as well, groaning in sexual bliss.

They lay there for several minutes, just trying to breathe. Finally she managed, "So, nice to meet you, Vince. I liked your song." He laughed in reply, "Thank you. Nice to meet you too, Jody." And the rest of that night, and many nights (and sometimes days) thereafter, the two of them moaned and panted and enjoyed the erotic fireworks of their lovemaking.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Judy's Free Rent

Judy's Free Rent
By: Prybar (

I am living proof that winning $63 million can have a positive impact on your life.

You have to call it good luck anytime you win the lotto, but this really couldn't have come at a better time for me. The divorce went final two days before I bought the ticket. My ex tried to prove I purchased it earlier, cause she wanted her cut. She got half of everything else in the settlement, but she would have gladly paid the taxes on half of my 63 mil just to lay her greedy little mitts on the rest.

The bitch must have been paying attention when she attended gold-digger school, because she really played her cards right when she set me up to fund the rest of her life. When she found me, I had my business up and running, and well into the black. I had built a nice house in an upscale neighborhood, my investments were doing well, and I hung out in one of the better social circles.

She seemed completely smitten by me. At least that's what it felt like. Man, she was good! And I fell hard.

It seemed a decent marriage. I mean, what is a marriage supposed to feel like? She put out often enough to keep me happy. She liked our lovemaking, or at least faked it well.

She expected me to spend money on her, for clothes she didn't need and other frivolous things, but I gladly paid to keep her happy.

She stayed 7 years, to make sure the lawyers would get her half of everything I owned in the divorce. I came home one day to an empty home, and they served me with papers at work the next day. It was a total surprise. I was devastated at first, but as the procedure went on, and I learned of the guy with the red convertible, and that she had been stashing cash on the side, I started to realize just how much better off I was going to be without her.

She wanted half of my business, cause it was a real cash cow, so she settled for token alimony in the trade. We sold the house and she took her half of that, too. And we split the investments.

I was feeling pretty bad about all this, especially when the market crashed and the investments fell to almost nil. And with my half from the house I would only be able to buy a small condo to live in. But then I hit the lotto. I went from a net worth of just a few hundred thou to multi-millions with one roll of the dice.

So, I quit the business, and it failed immediately, and that left my ex with exactly half of nothing. She looked at her share of the divorce settlement and then at my new millions, and she loosed the attorneys on me again. The judge didn't buy her arguments however, and she was left on her own, with just what she had agreed to before, and that guy with the red convertible...who didn't stick around for long once he knew she was broke. None of this cost me any sleep, at all.

I didn't stay around here, once the word got out about all that cash. I had folks showing up at my door night and day, hitting me up for money with every sad story, scam, and threatened lawsuit ever invented. So, what do you do with a fresh 63 mil, minus those pesky taxes? Well, like most ridiculously wealthy agoraphobic misanthropes, I headed to Montana, and my very own 100 square miles of isolated, uncivilized paradise.

The ranch I bought couldn't have been more perfect. Roughly half the acreage is mountainous terrain. Snow covered peaks line the horizon, just across the lake from my log home. The property backs up to the wilderness area, so I don't have a lot of visitors from that side, unless you count the deer and elk that migrate through each fall. And I have my own resident herd of bighorn sheep.

The lower half of the ranch is split between pasture and alfalfa fields. We run a thousand head of cattle, plus about 100 buffalo. Pronghorns gather in the alfalfa each year, conveniently during the three week hunting season. And I have three spring creeks that we manage for trophy trout.

I settled in there for about three years, with the covers pulled over my head. What I didn't spend buying and fixing up the ranch, I dumped into the stock market, right when it decided to go up again. Before long I found myself with as much handy cash as I had before I bought the ranch. So after all that time as a hermit, I decided the moment had arrived to do something useful with my wealth.

Giving your money away can be kinda fun, if it was your idea in the first place. My old high school got new band instruments, the football team got new uniforms, and the anonymous scholarship fund I set up is proving to be very useful.

I funded a trust that doles out to the needy. It's headquartered just down the road from my old business. Nobody knows I am the source, because we set up a few layers of bureaucracy to shield me from the nosey. About once every month or so I fly back to my old stomping grounds, to meet with the managers of the trust, so I can decide how to disperse the funds.

I bought a nice house up in the hills so I have a place to stay when I'm in town. It hangs out over a steep slope, just down from the road. You actually park on the roof and climb down into the two story house, which is up on stilts. The lower floor has a couple of bedrooms and storage. The top floor is my bedroom and a large combo space with a kitchen and living room. The hot tub on the deck has a great view. The spa is totally private and I can lay down in one of the built in seats that is sloped like a lounge chair, and just enjoy the lights of the city far below.

The place sits empty most of the time, but at least I don't have to hassle with a hotel when I am in town. And it is pretty comfortable. I look forward to the time spent there. My view overlooks the bay and city. The sunsets are amazing. For three days or so every month it is home.

Thus, my new routine developed. I'm in Montana most of the time, and then I fly into the city to watch over my trust. My money now goes to kids with cancer, the make a wish people, a few politicians that I don't think are total crooks, and to whomever feels to me like a decent cause each month.

I still have a few friends in town, the kind of people who don't care that I have the money. We get together when I am around, and the good times flow.

My best friend, Dan, decided to get pancreatic cancer last summer. He did what he could with the doctors, but even if money will someday buy a cure, it doesn't yet. So he and his wife came back to Montana with me for a month and watched the mountains go by from my front porch. His pain was unrelenting, but we had some good talks. I flew them back on my plane when it was time for the hospice people to take over. He died at home with his family, blissfully morphined into a stupor. I drank a few toasts to his memory over the next month.

Dan's wife called me in September. Their daughter was due to start her second year at the university, but this was contingent on Dan still working. The money tap had run dry with his death, and Judy couldn't afford to stay in school.

Dan's wife knew he would never ask me for financial help, and frankly she wasn't the type either, but this was about her kid and she is a mother, after all. It didn't bother me a bit. I sent her daughter a check for her tuition and books, and put her on a decent allowance. I was glad to do it. And I told her she could live rent free in the house on the hill. It is just up from the campus, and it sits there empty most of the time. And then I forgot about it.

I really did forget about it. When I flew into town in the middle of October, and the car dropped me in front of my house about 8 o'clock that night, I didn't even remember that Judy was staying there. It had been a long day, and I had a brandy and hit the rack. I woke up about midnight.

Judy must have been out of the house when I got there, and came home while I was asleep. I was naked when I walked out into the living room to get a glass of water from the kitchen, because I always sleep in the nude, and thought I would open the drapes to take in the view of the city lights below. That's when I noticed the drapes were already half open, and I heard the hot tub running out on my deck.

Still bleary from sleep, I wondered what was up.

I took a peek around the edge of the drapes and there, soaking in the hot tub, was this pretty lady. Took about three beats, but I finally realized it was Dan's kid. She was lying back in the lounge part of the tub, with her eyes closed and just her face floating out of the water, and those two bare tits poking up out of the foam. And they were some fine tits.

Floating like two scoops of ice cream, each with a strawberry at the summit, her breasts floated in front of her up-turned face. Barely visible through the water, a neatly trimmed bush highlighted her open pussy lips. Shit! Little Judy was all grown up.

My dick was up and brushing against the drape in an instant. I was naked as a jaybird, with this huge hard-on, and my best friend's 19 year-old kid was mere feet away, similarly un-clothed, and she had no idea I was anywhere around.

Sure, I felt just a bit guilty about standing there, dick in hand, watching this young thing in the water, but I got over it pretty fast when I realized she was playing with herself under the water. I had to stay and watch this.

She worked the fingers of one hand back and forth over her clit, while she slid three fingers of the other in and out of her. Then she moved one hand up her belly and started squeezing her breast. With a grimace on her face, she shuddered into orgasm before me.

My cock was burning in my hand, aching to release the pent-up passion in my groin. It wouldn't have been prudent to cum all over my own drapes in front of this young lady, so I hurried back to my room, shut the door, and after all of three strokes of my right hand, I watched my cum leap out and spray all over the oak dresser.

Damn, that felt good! I hadn't been with a woman for a while, and the pump was well primed.

I didn't sleep at all well for the rest of the night. Visions of that nubile young thing danced in my head, torturing me. My erection returned nearly immediately, and I whacked the thing into submission again. I tossed and turned until nearly dawn.

The crash of dishes in the kitchen woke me. I blinked in the bright light. The day had a good start already, and the sun streamed into my room through an un-draped window.

Pulling on a set of sweatpants and a sweater, I walked to my door and peeked into the kitchen. Judy was bent over, foraging around inside the refrigerator. She was wearing an oversize white t-shirt that would have reached about half-way down to her knees if she had been standing straight up, but bent over as she was, it only draped part way over her ass, and her pussy peeked out at me between her thighs.

I could have stared at that thing for hours, and my little guy was starting to stir again, when she stood up with the orange juice. Backing into my room, I started making some noise so she would know I was in the house.

"Man on the floor."

I figured I'd give her a moment to get decent before I burst into the room.

"OH! Uncle Jack! You're home. Just a sec."

I could hear her pounding down the stairs. When she came back up, I wandered out. She had added a pair of jeans to her wardrobe.

"When did you get here?"

"Uh, I flew in yesterday and got home last night. I just woke up."

I think she caught me taking a furtive glance toward the front window, half-open drapes, and the hot tub. She stared at me for a moment, trying to read my mind. Did she suspect that I was around when she was in the tub? And why is it that women can always know what we are thinking, when we can never know what is brewing inside their heads?

Judy didn't have a bra on under that t-shirt and I could see her nipples pop up through the thin fabric. She was feeling something. Her tits jiggled with every movement. This time it was my turn to catch her looking at me, as I saw her checking out the bulge as my partially aroused cock grew in my sweatpants. I think I saw her shudder a little. Her nipples grew even larger.

It was time for me to grab a glass of orange juice and head for the shower, before things got totally out of hand. She spoke as I left the room.

"I have to get to class, but I'll make dinner for us tonight. Spaghetti OK? Be here at six."

"Yeah, I'll see you tonight, girl."

It turned out to be a really long day. I had to meet with the lawyers, because my foundation was getting sued by some animal rights activists. Seems we wanted to grant the dying wish of a kid who had always wanted to go deer hunting. We had the whole thing set up, where the kid would get to hunt a ranch so overcrowded with deer that they were beginning to suffer, and the only solution was to cull the herd. Made perfect sense to me.

Drove the animal rights people nuts. They would rather see the animals starve, I guess, than see a kid get his dying wish. Anyway, they burst into the meeting, screaming and busting up the furniture, and dumping fake blood all over everyone. The cops got there after the fuss was pretty much over. The one pimply-faced dork that had the lack of sense to take a swing at me, while on camera, and in front of all the attorneys and about 15 other witnesses, was just coming around after I decked him. The cops were ready to run me in until they saw the tape.

I stopped by the liquor store on the way back to the house. I picked up a decent merlot and a bottle of my favorite sour mash whiskey. I don't drink near as much as I used to, but some nights just call for a wee nip, and I was ready for one.

Judy was in the kitchen, chopping up onions, when I got there. A large pot of tomato sauce bubbled merrily on the stove. The scents of garlic and oregano filled the room.

She was wearing a blue denim mini-skirt and a shear white blouse, with a white camisole clearly visible underneath, all covered by a frilly apron. She was barefoot. And she had tears pouring down her cheeks from the onions. I grabbed a paper towel and started to wipe off her cheeks.

"Oh don't, you'll smear my make-up!"

"Relax child, I've done this sort of thing before."

When I was done blotting, the tears were history, and the mascara was untouched.

I pulled the two bottles out of the brown paper sack and set them out on the counter. My favorite glass was in its usual place, and the ice tray was full. I poured three fingers and sat on one of the stools to talk, and watched Judy futz around in the kitchen. Damn, she looked hot.

Ah, barefoot girls and blue denim mini-skirts. Always reminds me of my own college days. A broad smile crossed my face when I first realized that look had come back into style. Funny how those first sexual images of women, the way they wore their hair, the clothes they sported, the lingerie they preferred, sets the juices flowing when I see them again today, just like when I was 19.

Judy tossed the chopped onions into the large iron skillet where the Italian sausage was browning. She mixed them in and stirred it all around until the onions caramelized. The smells had me drooling. Then she dumped the contents of the skillet into the large pot, stirred a bit, clanged the top into place, and dialed the heat down to simmer.

Then she peeled the apron off over her head. I tried real hard not to stare at those pert breasts bouncing around, barely concealed by just two thin layers of white fabric. But, damn it, I could barely see the outline of two nipples through that thin fabric, and this just wasn't fair. So I looked down at her legs instead, with that tiny denim mini-skirt hardly hiding anything, and her lean, tan legs, and that wasn't any easier on me.

"Well, that's done now. It needs about an hour to simmer, so we might as well get comfortable. Oh, is that wine?"

"Yeah, you want a glass?"

"Sure do, if you promise not to tell Mom."

"I think we can keep this our own little secret. Besides, you aren't driving anywhere tonight, are you?"

"Nope. I'm all yours."

I think we both instantly realized how that could have been misconstrued, for there was a sudden silence gripping the room.

"So, how is school going this quarter?"

Figured it didn't hurt to change the subject.

"Oh, I'm doing great! I could have never made it this far without your help. You know, when Dad died....Well, I was going to drop out. You saved me. You made this all possible. And I don't know how I will ever repay you."

"Hey, forget that. This is not about repayment. This is about what a good friend your dad was. Relax and enjoy school, do a good job, make something of yourself, and you will repay me one hundred fold."

Judy had two of those bake and serve loafs on a cookie sheet that needed to bake. When she bent over to slide them into the oven, the skirt road up nearly to her ass. I thought I got a quick look at a very panty-less bottom, but these days who can tell, what with those tiny thongs they wear. Caught my attention, either way.

I watched her pour a second glass of wine. I hadn't even noticed how quickly she finished the first glass. I was still working on my bourbon as I wandered over to the window. When she materialized next to me, lightly brushing against the skin of my left arm, I felt the hair stand up on my neck. Her scent went straight from my nose to my cock, sending little shivers up and down my shaft.

When I looked over at her, she was peering out the window as if she didn't want to meet my eyes, but her tits were heaving up and down. Two top blouse buttons had come undone, and the view of her cleavage took my breath away. Suddenly, she leaned into me, wrapping one hand around my upper arm and hugging it close to her breast. She was trembling.

"Uncle Jack, I really do want to do something to repay you. Are you sure there isn't something I can do?"

She was looking up at me, with that pouting look that could easily drive a man wild with lust, while she was squishing her right breast into my arm with all her might. It was pushing its way out of her blouse, right in front of my nose. What was I supposed to do? This was my best friend's little baby, all of 19 years old, and as far as I knew, innocent as the driven snow. No way could she know what she was doing to me.

And no way was I going to take advantage of her. So I tried to back away, away from the window and away from her.

"Whoa, girl! You don't have to do this. Really"

I was wasting my breath. She followed me deeper into the room and stood right in front of me. Her fingers went to the remaining buttons of her white blouse and it soon gaped open. With a shrug of her shoulders, it slid off and pooled on the floor behind her. Mounds of soft white breasts bulged out, while the clinging fabric highlighted her erect nipples. She shook her hair, letting her tits swing back and forth under the loose silk of the camisole.

Her arms reached up and then snaked around my neck, drawing me down to her mouth. She enveloped me with hot wet lips, forcing my mouth against hers, before she slipped her sweet tongue into my mouth, where it sought out mine.

Judy was rubbing her breasts against my chest, and pressing her pelvis into my groin. And I wasn't fighting to get away any more. I hadn't felt this hot in years. I felt my neck turn red as I groaned with pleasure. I reached down and grabbed her ass with both hands, grinding her into me. My cock was caught down the leg of my pants, and there was little room for it as it surged in size. Judy must have felt it, for she looked up at me and laughed.

"Something's come between us that our laughter cannot hide."

We both cracked up, and for a moment I thought the mood was broken, but I could not have been more wrong. She reached out for the buckle on my belt, and undid it in a moment. Her hand slid down inside my pants to my cock and squeezed it. My legs got a bit rubbery about then.

"Oh, can I help you with this problem, sir?"

She looked up at me with an impish grin as the button and then the zipper ceased to be an impediment to her fingers. She fished my cock out and let my jeans fall to the ground. Gently stroking my full erection, she mouthed the word, "WOW!"

"Oh, that's a nice one."

With that, she fell to her knees and got a good look at that thing. With both hands she checked me out, moving my cock from side to side, and up and down. She cupped my balls in her hand. And then she wrapped her lips around the head and gave me a little suck. Another groan issued from my throat.

"Oh, you like that?"

"Uh, yeah!"

"Well, good, cause so do I."

What came next put to rest any concerns I once had about Judy being innocent as the driven snow. Man, could she give head! She licked and sucked, rubbed and twisted, tickled and squeezed, all at the right times, in the right places, and to my everlasting gratitude.

Pausing for a moment, she pulled the camisole off, letting those two tits loose to romp as they pleased.

"That's better, cause I'm getting really hot. Maybe you can help me with that."

"I can, or I can die trying." I said with a grin.

Pulling her to her feet, I wrapped an arm around her and hugged her to me. One hand grabbed her breast, kneading it and pinching the nipple until she squirmed. A low moan escaped as I sucked on her tit. And she shuddered all over as my fingers found the soft moist parts between her legs.

Judy wore no panties, so I suspected she didn't find this little exercise a total surprise. She was hot and wet and slippery, and more than ready as I backed her up to the couch and sat her down. She leaned back and played with her tits as I spread her knees far apart and let the mini-skirt ride up to her waist. Her pussy eagerly accepted my tongue's explorations. She squirmed, then pressed herself into me, then roared into one orgasm after another. Her eyes rolled back in her head and drool slipped out of the corner of her mouth. Sweat rolled off her breasts.

Finally, when it seemed she could take no more, I paused. When her eyes finally opened and came into focus, she looked at me and smiled.

"Hi....damn you make me feel good. I was just gonna get you off, but this was soooo nice, I just couldn't ask you to quit."

"Hum, do you still want to get me off?"

"Sure, cowboy. Do you want a ride?"

"How about this?"

And I turned her around on the couch, positioned her on her knees, and slowly slid my big cock into her. She let out a little hiss as the first couple of inches disappeared. She grunted when I gave her the whole thing. And the screaming started shortly after I commenced ramming that thing in and out of her. The view of her muscular back, and the sweat curves of her ass drove me into a frenzy. Watching my cock sliding in and out of her made me even hotter.

I confess I didn't last long that first night, but I came with such ferocity, that I was hoarse for a week. No fucking way was I gonna wait.

We did finally get around to the spaghetti. And it was damn good. We worked out the details over dinner.

Judy was not interested in just living off of my largess. She wanted to express her gratitude somehow, and we settled on the thing she does best. So now, each month when I need to come to the city, I can look forward to getting my rocks drained.

Each trip she meets me at the door, usually wearing something that leaves little to the imagination. I still like the blue denim mini-skirt and white blouse. She skips the camisole and lets those two tits peek out through the fabric, or she leaves most of the buttons undone. We rarely get around to dinner until she either sucks me off, or I fuck her from behind on the couch.

More prolonged lovemaking comes later, and by the end of the third day, she can barely walk, and I don't even try.

I'm not letting the trust go without direction, for I still go down there to rest up. And Judy says she has a friend who is a little hard-up for tuition and rent money, and would I like to meet her? So I don't foresee a time when I won't want to make the trip back to the city. Montana is nice and all, but this place does have its appeal.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Artist's Model

The Artist's Model
By: Bloomgirl

I've been running art classes for about 5 years now, short 12 week courses in the evenings for mostly middle aged women who wanted a new hobby. I covered a number of basic techniques, watercolour, pencil etc. and we did landscapes, portraits, still-life and life drawing.

Life drawing often caused me many headaches. Finding a willing model was sometimes difficult. I've used a local agency for the last three courses, which saves me a lot of hassle. The first was a gentleman in his sixties, very interesting to draw, and the last two were younger women. The time had come again when I needed a model for my current class. The agency were sending me a guy this time. All I knew was he was called Mark, and he was going to stop by this afternoon to discuss what he needed to do.

My other love is photography, in fact, the money I make from teaching art funds my photography. Whilst I was waiting for Mark to arrive, I was making a display of some of my work, both photographs and paintings. I had intended to clean myself up before Mark arrived, but I got lost in being creative, and when he arrived I was still in my scruffy vest and baggy trousers and up to my elbows in mess!

"Hi, are you Lisa?" I heard a voice say. I turned around and there stood a gorgeous young guy, mid 20s at the most I'd say, dark slightly scruffy hair, big brown eyes and dressed in jeans and a tight t-shirt.

"Yes, I'm Lisa, you must be Mark" I held out my hand to shake his. He had a good firm grip, and his face broke out into a beautiful smile. "I apologise for my appearance" I said "I lost track of the time"

"You look fine to me" he said, and I think I saw him blush. "Is this your work or your students?"

"This is all mine here" I said. I was taking in his looks and his body as we spoke. I really liked what I saw, and not just from an artistic point of view. I could have kicked myself for not giving myself time to change out of my scruffy clothes before meeting him, but then I clicked back into reality - I was a 40 year old married woman who's body had seen better days, he wouldn't look twice at me.

I explained to Mark what life drawing was about, and that I'd need him for a couple of hours, probably doing two or three poses for the class. He was nodding, but looked a little worried. "You're OK with taking off your clothes in front of a bunch of strangers aren't you?"

"Ummm ... well I've never done it before .. and it does worry me a little" he said sheepishly.

"That's OK" I said. "We're all professionals, no-one will batter an eyelid" He still didn't look convinced. "Look, why don't you take off your clothes for me now, let me do a couple of quick sketches, maybe take a few photos. That way, it won't be your first time when you come to do it for the class"

He disappeared behind the screens to get undressed whilst I got my camera set up and found a sketch pad and some charcoal. After a few minutes, he stepped from behind them, totally naked but covering his cock with his hand. I gasped, he had a great body. Nice broad shoulders, a toned stomach, just a few hairs on his chest and his thighs were slightly muscular. I felt a tingle in the pit of my stomach, the early signs of sexual longing that I hadn't felt in a long time.

I nodded my approval and smiled. He seemed to relax a little. "Where do you want me?" he said.

"Well, first of all, stop being so shy! I need to see all of you. And if the rest of your body is anything to go by, you really have no reason to be modest."

He took away his protective hand, revealing his semi-erect cock. My stomach flipped excitedly and it took a moment for me to compose myself enough to ask him to sit on the chair in the middle of the studio. As I watched him stroll over, my mind was racing, my body telling me it wanted him, whilst my conscience was fighting it and telling me to stay professional and remember that I'm a married woman.

I kept my distance whilst sketching, but the more I took in of his wonderful body, the more difficult it became. As I drew his cock, I briefly let my imagination run away with me, wondering what it would be like to have it in me. Sex with my husband had become just a routine for both of us, and I don't remember the last time I had come during sex - I usually had to finish the job off myself after he had rolled over and gone to sleep. I was aware that my breathing had become a little heavy and I glanced up at Mark. He was watching me closely, a twinkle in his eye, and that cock still semi-erect. I decided to have a little fun.

"Would you mind if I took a few photos of you?" I said. "I concentrate on the body, so don't worry about your mates recognising your face" I laughed.

"No problem" he said. "I'm all yours". He had a huge grin on his face, and I wondered how loaded that statement was. I got my camera and took a couple of shots from a distance, then I got brave and moved closer.

"Can you lean back a little?" I said. He obliged, and I swear his cock twitched and grew a little harder. I came in closer still, taking random shots of various parts of his body. I could feel an electric tension between us and it was difficult to keep the camera steady.

He leaned forward slightly and reached out his hand to stroke my leg. He ran it up the inside of my leg, getting tantalisingly close to my crotch area but stopping just short. I couldn't speak, not sure if I should let this go further or if I should push him away. His other hand stroked the outside of my leg and rested on my hip. My body was trembling with excitement and I could feel a wetness inside my panties that told me just how turned on I really was. With a sigh, I turned slightly so that my back was to him, and he responded by kissing my ass gently and squeezing my leg.

His hands reached round, undid my trousers and slid them down past my knees. He was now kissing my ass again whilst stroking my inner thigh. I turned to face him and he continued kissing, light butterfly touches on my thighs and on my pussy through the lacy fabric of my panties.

He then stood up, his hands lifting my vest over my head, and his kisses were now directed to my cleavage. He moaned softly as his hands cupped my breasts before he pulled away. His cock was fully erect now, standing up hard and long. I grabbed my camera and took more photos. Mark posed for me, stroking his cock and keeping eye contact with me. This was such an incredibly sexy game and I was loving every second!

Mark took the camera from me and I playfully posed for him as he took photos of me, standing there in my bra and panties. I laughed as I span round, flicking my hair around and pushing out my breasts. I felt like a girl twenty years younger and my head was spinning, all caution tossed aside.

The camera was put down, and the mood changed. Mark pulled me towards him, kissing my crotch area again, but this time with more determination. He slid my panties off effortlessly and his hand urged my legs apart. I sat down on the chair, spreading my legs wider still as he knelt between them and pushed his tongue into my wet pussy. I gasped out a "yesss!" which encouraged him on, licking and sucking at my clit. He was very skilled, his tongue pushed on and out of my pussy, flicking on my clit, and licking from my pussy to my ass and back again. He was breathing hard, and moaning gently as I writhed around and began moaning as well. The fire in my body was burning intensely and I knew an orgasm was close. I urged him on "yesss Mark, that's it ... oooooh!!" and he obliged by pushing two fingers into my aching pussy as he flicked his tongue on my clit. I almost screamed as the orgasm swept over my body, his fingers plunging in and out hard and fast, stopping only when the orgasm began to subside.

I pulled him to me, taking his cock in my hand and stroking it. "That's it babe" he whispered "I know you want my cock, take it!" I knelt down and took the tip of it in my mouth, my tongue flicking it. He tasted so good, and I was hungry for more! Slowly I took in more and more, sucking hard whilst my hand cupped his balls. He was moaning softly as I did so, his hands grabbing at my hair.

Just as I thought he was about to cum, he pulled away and took my arm, making me stand up. He was behind me, nibbling at my neck and shoulders, his warm breath sending pleasant shivers down my spine. His hands cupped my breasts, and then as he licked and nibbled my ear and neck, he slid my bra off and began squeezing them and rubbing my hard nipples. His cock was pushing into the small of my back, and I knew I had to have it now! I moved forward, gripping the back of the chair, and he knew exactly what I wanted. With his hands still grabbing hard onto my breasts, he slid his cock into my pussy. After a brief pause to adjust position slightly, he then started to thrust in and out of me. "Fuck me!" I gasped out loudly, and he responded by ramming in harder, his balls slapping against me. I came loudly, my legs almost giving way underneath me as my whole body shook.

Mark withdrew, but only to turn me round and push me back onto the chair. I spread my legs and his cock was in me again, pounding in and out hard and fast. I wrapped my legs and arms around him, his body crushing mine as we ground together. I could barely breathe as each thrust sent a huge wave of pleasure through my entire body. Mark pounded on, increasing his pace and gasping for air too. With a loud groan, his cocked exploded into me, his cum filling my pussy. I sobbed as I came, my body shaking violently.

Minutes later, we were both getting dressed and grinning like Cheshire cats. "Do I get the job then?" he laughed

"Of course!" I said "The class is 7 till 9, but I think I might need you for longer than that"

"See you tomorrow then!" he said cheerily, as he disappeared through the door.

Riders On The Storm

Riders On The Storm
By: Cum Girl (

Riders On The Storm

It is a reflex response, unthinkingly made. He extended his hand, a folded piece of paper held lightly between two fingers proffering it and without a moment's hesitation I have taken it for my own.

As He walks away I clutch the paper uncertain as to what I should do. I turn it between my fingers nervously. It reminds me of those notes we used to pass back and forth as we sat at adjacent desks in science lessons. Then they were filled with gossip, snide remarks, jokes and other titbits designed to break through Mr Potts' endless droning about Kelvin's Law of Ohms and other stuff that was completely irrelevant to my future life; a future life that up until today had progressed quite happily without him.

When we were at school I'd had a bit of a crush on him, but in those hormonally ravaged teenage years I'd had a crush on pretty much every eligible boy in my social circle. Like most it had never amounted to much more than images playing across the inside of my eyelids as I spread my thighs and panted my way to self-induced pleasure in the privacy of my bedroom.

Ten years had passed since I'd soaked my fingers whilst moaning softly into my pillow. During which He had fled our small town for the bright lights of the big city and I'd settled down into a moderately well paid, if uninteresting, job and a series of moderately satisfying, if emotionally, uninvolving relationships. A decade in which there had barely been a day when I hadn't imagined his lips touching my cheek, his hand running across my breast, and his cock entering my heated, welcoming core.

Maybe it was a bit more than a crush, an infatuation, a fantasy that filled my dreaming hours and left my life a pale shadow.

Then, earlier today, as I struggled to find a seat in a crowded café; laden down with shopping bags, a low fat latte and full fat chocolate brownie; I'd spotted him sitting at a corner table with only a coffee and newspaper for company. Time seemed to have been kind to him; his face had filled out, his deep brown eyes were framed with crinkles and his skin had lost that fresh resonance of youth, but otherwise he seemed remarkably unchanged. Still dressed as if he'd fallen out of bed 10 minutes ago and found only one set of clothes scattered across the floor, still wearing that perplexed frown I knew so well from our school days, still holding his tongue between his teeth as his eyes studied the paper.

Then as the next thought reared inside my head it was all I could do not to laugh out loud:

"Thank God he's lost the mullet".

For those of you unfamiliar with the vagaries of 80's and 90's styling, the mullet was a particularly unattractive haircut that first reared its ugly head as the barnet of choice for Limahl, Howard Jones and other assorted electro pop pioneers. It managed to maintain popularity right through to the moment when Chris Waddle missed England's crucial penalty against Germany at the Italia 90 World Cup. Whereupon, every right thinking Englishman had the offending rats tails surgically removed from the napes of their necks and men's hair fashion once again became visually acceptable.

To this day I dread to think what might have happened if Waddle had slotted the ball into the bottom right hand corner rather than blasting it uselessly over the top. Perhaps that miss is also why the mullet has remained the haircut of choice for young Germans who have blindly persisted with it well past its sell date.

"Is this seat taken? Would it be okay to join you?"

The words tumble from my mouth in a rough approximation of the sentences above. My eyes are scanning his fingers for a wedding band or even the tell tale indentation left by one recently discarded. I'm squeezing my thighs together either in nervous anticipation of his reply or to stop the steady trickle of liquid from my soaked and puffy pussy. My heart is hammering beneath my breast, my head so light and dizzy I feel as if I could faint at any moment.

It seems to take an eternity for him to look up but when he does his eyes are twinkling and his mouth fixed wide into that predatory grin that I remember so well; a grin that used to chill my marrow and set my teeth on edge; a grin that always meant trouble.

He's out of his chair in an instant, looming over me whilst I stand helpless before him, encumbered with tray, coffee, cake and my various purchases.

"I'm so glad you could make it. It's been too long and we have so much catching up to do."

He steps into me, places the perfunctory kiss onto my cheek, a kiss that seems to linger. More accurately his lips seem to linger and I'm sure he's smelling me, absorbing my uncertainty, my bemusement and my nervousness. Then, ever so slowly I'm certain I feel his tongue slide diagonally down across my cheek towards the pulsing vein of my neck, sampling the flavour of me; sampling my tension, my excitement.

Then he's sat back in his chair, his mouth moving, speaking words that my ears, filled with the rushing of blood to my head are unable to hear. I know I'm shaking without looking down at my hands, even without the clearly audible clatter of cup and saucer, or the mess of coffee across my tray. I know I am shaking because I am once again in his presence. Suddenly the movement of his mouth and the noises emanating from them connect.

"I've told you to sit down ... now sit."

My arse thumps into the chair and there I am once again before him, doing as he says and playing his games. I wasn't completely honest earlier about our relationship at school, there might have been a little bit more to it than simply passing notes in science and flicking at my engorged clit of a night time with his face filling my mind.

I was his minion, his sidekick, his shadow, the Laurel to his Hardy. Wherever he was you would be sure to find me trailing along behind him patiently waiting for his attention, eager to please and ready to jump at his command. I spent three years as his lapdog; hoping for him to see me as the young woman I was sure I had become, desperate for him to relieve me of the dreadful burden of my virginity ... and then he did and we hadn't spoken since.

Now here we are 10 years on and it's as if nothing has changed.

I find my voice and try to take some control of the situation.

"I don't remember arranging to meet."

"Don't you?"

A grin plays around the corner of his mouth.

"You're laughing at me."

"Maybe; just a little. I saw you walk in, recognised you instantly and ... well I never could resist teasing you."

He pauses waiting for me to fill the silence and when I don't adds:

"It's great to see you."

Then it is normal; two old friends who've bumped into each other, finding out what they've done, checking on family and mutual acquaintances, working out whose dead and who deserves to be. Phone numbers and addresses are swapped and gradually the conversation starts to run out of easy topics and the coffee dregs have turned cold. I glance at my watch, it's nearly 3.00.

"I should be going, things to do, places to go, people to see."

I crack a smile; try to keep it light hearted as I gather my stuff.

"Why don't you give me a call and we could get together again sometime."

I need to go, am eager to beat a retreat, I've sat down with the demon who has invaded my every moment for the last 10 years and he hasn't eaten me whole. I look into his face to mouth an "au revoir" and am trapped by the smile across his face. My heart stops mid-beat, something's coming and I'm not going to like it.

"A call won't be necessary. I've booked us a table for 8.00 at ?Le Petit Blanc'. Please make sure you're punctual, you were 15 minutes late for coffee and you know how much I hate to be kept waiting."

His eyes drift down to study his manicure and I stand to go.

"Oh and do try to wear something appropriate this evening."

I almost fall over my feet in my haste to exit the café.

I know what you are thinking but it can't be that way. I know I should turn my back and whistle a jaunty tune as I skip gleefully down the yellow brick road to a future free of him. I know he's a malicious, manipulative and controlling bastard but he's MY malicious, manipulative and controlling bastard. This is how it was all those years ago at school and how it has been every night in my dreams ever since. Please don't judge me too harshly; I would change if I could but this is what my heart demands and all my head can do is follow blindly along. In truth, the only thought in my head as I left the café was how could I possibly get ready for him in only five hours.

I have 43 possible outfits scattered across the floor of my bedroom. Some are plainly unsuitable but there are at least a dozen that he might find acceptable. I've pulled all my underwear from its drawer and have identified four lingerie sets but can't decide on whether to wear an underwired or padded bra. Every pair of shoes I own is lined up along one wall but I really can't choose a pair until I've selected my outfit. Nail polish, eye shadow and lipstick in various hues lie scattered across my bed alongside a selection of bags, belts and jewellery but currently I'm engrossed in spraying the five perfumes I own onto tissue paper in order to try and decide which one he might like best. I glance at my watch ...

"Shit, only two hours left."

I make it with a few minutes to spare and pause before a shop window a couple of doors away from the restaurant to collect myself and inspect my reflection. My hair is poker straight stretching down to caress my naked shoulders, beneath which my pale skin slides down to the slight swell of my breasts held firmly in place beneath my black boob-tube dress; a dress that hugs my upper body, displaying my small breasts and well defined waist before flicking outwards over my hips and arse to end mid-thigh; a dress that has allowed me to dispense with the necessity of wearing a bra leaving me free to choose my tiniest back lace thong. A triangle of fabric that just captures my labia and pubic mound, preserving my modesty but presenting it enticingly framed in a lattice of lace flowers. The evening is warm enough for me to have left the house bare legged and I have accentuated them with a pair of 4" open toe black satin heels with a diamante ankle strap that display my perfectly manicured toenails. I chose silver glitter nail polish and repeated the refrain with my finger nails, eye shadow and a hint of glitter that shimmers on my cheeks; naked shoulders, arms and chest. One last look at my reflection and I turn and walk the 20 yards down the street to meet my destiny.

"That perfume is rather cloying. A bit old maidy if you don't mind me saying."

And so it begins.

He chooses our table and wine, orders our food and decides I can have a coffee but not a dessert. He is arrogant, conceited and vicious and with every passing moment my need for him grows more intense. I'm on tenterhooks throughout; heart pounding inside my chest, mouth devoid of saliva, nipples like stalks poking eagerly through my dress, my stomach a knot of tension and my pussy awash with aromatic juices. Until finally that moment arrives when I find myself sat alone, his figure receding towards the toilets, a folded square of white paper grasped firmly in my sweating hand that my fingers are struggling to open. A folded square of paper that asks a simple question.

"Yes or No?"

Instantly I am transported back; to that party; to being sweet sixteen and never kissed; to the barn; to the heaving sweaty coupling among the hay bales; to my nails scratching down his back, digging into his skin, lacerating his cheek, seeking to gouge out his eyeballs whilst he pushed them away from his face to lie helpless above my head; back to the blood pouring from his lip when I had my revenge for an unsolicited kiss; to the blood seeping down my thighs from my broken hymen and the blood coagulating round my arse from where he'd pushed himself roughly into my virginally tight arse; back to my body covered in bites, my breasts bruised from the slaps of his hand, my pubic bone bruised from where he'd rammed his stiff cock deep inside the tender flower of my body; back to his eye closing from where I'd caught him with my closed fist; back to when my arms, legs, torso and head struggled and fought until beaten, battered and bruised they collapsed into the warm, suffocating hay and left him to use me as he wished.

Back to the night when he took my virginity.

"Yes or No?"

It is a simple question requiring no explanation and no consideration. I reach under my chair for my bag; my nervous fingers feeling thick and useless as I pry open the zip and hunt for something to write with. The only thing I can find is an eyeliner pencil which quivers in my shaking hand as deliberately I print my reply in solid black capitals.

I sit there for a moment, my single word staring accusingly at me, before carefully refolding the piece of paper and placing it on the table before his seat. Calmness settles over me; I have been twitchy nervousness incarnate all evening but now that the die has been cast and my fate decided I place my hands in my lap, lower my eyes, bow my head and placidly await the inevitable.

It is a short walk from the restaurant to his town house. He allows me to loop my arm through his and we pass across the deserted, amber lit streets in silence accompanied only by the sound of my heels striking the paving stones. His house is equipped with a motion sensor which activates a light above the door and there we pause facing each other. This is it; my final chance to turn and flee, beyond this moment we play by different rules. He turns the key in the lock, swings the door open and I step over the threshold.

He pushes me hard between the shoulder blades causing me to trip over my feet, sending me sprawling onto the rough hallway carpeting and my handbag careering away as I break my fall with open palms. He swings the door shut, trapping us in the lightless world. I struggle to my feet and manage to half turn before I feel his hand around my throat. I step backwards; once, twice and then my shoulder blades hit cold plaster. I feel him step in closer, feel his hand around my throat tighten and push upwards forcing the tips of my heels off the floor. His breathing is heavy in my face and pungent with the smell of garlic.


I scream it into his face, spraying him with spittle.

"Fucking bastard."

"Fucking useless, limp dicked, cocksucking bastard."

I am fury and motion; twisting my head, pushing down with my body, fists thumping onto his arm causing him momentarily to break his grip and then slapping at his face making him step backwards. I kick out with my right foot, catch him on the shin, and regret it instantly as my exposed toes hit solid bone. He captures my left hand forcing me half back and I strike out with my flexed right hand dragging my claw like nails down his cheek, feeling skin collecting beneath them, knowing they've left a bright red welt in their wake.

He thrusts his hand against my chest, sending me spinning backwards, causing me to catch my head against the wall, knocking the breath from me and leaving my head dizzy. I strike out again with my free hand but it is a weak blow and he captures my wrist easily and pushes it up to join its companion above my head. His head descends; his lips find mine and crush them beneath his, tongue darting out to tease my teeth and I open before him to enable him to duel with the throbbing flesh of my thick sensitised tongue.

Once before it was like this. Once long ago in a barn not far away I kissed and was kissed like this and everything since has been but a pale shadow. I give myself to him, lose myself to passion, probe my tongue deep into the cavity of his mouth, flicking, caressing, exploring along the length of his teeth as he explores mine. Rivers of saliva pass between us, our faces soaked as we slobber our need into one another.

I find his bottom lip and sink my teeth in; a delectable titbit waiting to be consumed, soft, succulent flesh for me to eat raw. I pull hard; feel him wince and close my jaw around it. I can feel his flesh steamy against mine, the palpitations in his chest matching my own, and the thick rigidity of his cock pressed against my lower stomach. I reach down with my hand, grasp hold his need within his trousers, digging my fingernails into his throbbing flesh. I want him to explode here and now all control lost. My teeth close further around his trapped lip; the unmistakable taste of blood fills my mouth. I have him trapped lip and cock, he is mine and I'll devour him.

His hands are on me seeking the firm globes of my breasts, tearing at the fine fabric of my dress. I hear it rip and push my chest towards his merciless fingers. A low moan escapes my mouth and I lose my grip on his lip; a low moan caused by the delight of his fingers finding the erect nubs of my nipples; fingers that push deep into my areolae, squeezing my nipples and then pulling out to stretch and extend my breasts. Pain floods my torso and I let out a sob.

He releases my right breast and entwines his hand in my hair at the nape of my neck. Simultaneously he pulls downwards on my hair and upwards with his fingers buried deep into my left breast. He is a human rack; stretching, torturing, inflicting pain and I am sobbing helplessly beneath his attentions.

"Let go of my dick."

I shake my head, try to get a firmer grasp on it, try to regain control of the situation, scream silently at the agony erupting in my breast, tears welling unseen in the corner of my eyes and then, ever so slowly, I relinquish my hold on him.

He pushes me down onto my knees, releasing my breast but keeping his hand wrapped in my hair and then drags me, crawling behind him, through the darkness, through a door and into a half light room where he thrusts me down on the floor and strides off out of my sight.

The floor is different; smooth varnished wood and I caress my hand across it, stroking its living texture. I push myself up and assess my environs; it's an open plan flat; all bachelor modernity. Light slants through slat blinded windows revealing a minimal layout of leather seating arranged in a closed semi-circle behind which gleams a steel, beech and melamine Kitchen/Dining area, whilst ahead of me, half hidden by some faux Chinese screens is the bed. Everything is immaculately presented; clean, tidy, restrained and impersonal; so different from my own cluttered and life affirming apartment.

I regain my feet and see him stood at the breakfast bar, a glass and bottle before him. I straighten myself and stalk across the room, my heels resounding on the flooring. He looks divine; shirt ripped open to the waist, scratch marks livid across his chest, sweat sheened on his brow, spots of blood coating his swollen lip and rising from his torn skin to colour his cheek. It is all I can do to stop myself from ripping off his trousers and filling my mouth with his cock.

"Wanna buy a girl a drink?"

Hey, the old chat up lines are still the best.

He takes out a second glass, fills it with a couple of ice cubes and a healthy slosh from the bottle and pushes it across to me. I swirl the ice around in the drink watching the refractions of light, allowing the alcohol to chill and then in one movement down it all, crunching on the ice cubes with my teeth as the alcohol heat blasts my throat and stomach.

I push my empty glass back at him keeping my eyes fixed on his.

"So are you gonna give me a proper fucking or can't you manage it anymore?"

Alcohol splashes into my face, ice cubes bouncing off my skin to clatter across the floor. I feel his shoulder in my stomach, his arm wrapped around my legs lifting me to lie helpless in mid-air. A couple of steps and he flings me down onto the soft welcoming embrace of his bed, where lying on my back I look up at him as he strips of the remains of his shirt.

He starts undoing his belt and lasciviously I lick my lips savouring the alcohol coating my skin. I spread my legs wide for him, show him the pleasure I have waiting beautifully packaged beneath my black lace thong. He's struggling to get out of his trousers, shoes and underwear all at the same time, his haste making him clumsy, his exposed cock rigid before him. I reach down with my right hand; slide it beneath the thin lace and flick at my engorged clit with a broken fingernail.

"Stop that."

"Make me."

He's on me; hands clawing at the thin lace, grabbing at my wrist, ripping my panties till all that remains are useless bits of string that hide and protect nothing. I clamp my knees shut attempting to preserve my modesty but he gets his hands between them and slowly, inexorably pushes them wide to expose my throbbing, dribbling pussy.

I slap at him with my hands catching him on the face and chest but he is impervious to the blows, driving me backwards till my head is pushed up against the headboard. He has me by the ankles; legs spread wide, knees pushed back against my breasts, my pussy and arsehole spread and available for him to plunder at will.

He slams into me and I cum; a single thrust deep into the squelching wetness of my flesh, his hard rigid cock driving to my core, his pubis battering down on mine, his balls smashing into the firm cheeks of my arse.

I'm growling in my throat; a noise that builds, wordless at first, rising to a crescendo as he pummels my aching pussy with his thick, hard muscle. Words form and croakingly my tongue gives them utterance.

"Fuck me."

My clitoris is crushed beneath his pelvic bone.

"Fuck me."

The head of his cock crashes into my cervix.

"Fuck me."

My pussy muscles squeeze eager to own every beautiful inch.

"Fuck me."

Pussy juices spraying out soaking us both.

"Fuck me."

As his wondrous, beautiful cock drives repeatedly into me.

"Fuck me."

"Fuck me."

"Fuck me."

I'm screaming at him, saliva edging my lips and spraying into his face, my fingers buried into his arse cheeks dragging him into me, my breasts vibrating at each thrust, my head bashing repeatedly against the headboard.

"Fuck me you bastard."

His open hand descends; slapping at my cheek, knocking my head sideways, blurring my vision. Stars explode in my head; my pussy explodes in wave after wave of pleasure.

He slides out leaving my pussy twitching helplessly around an empty wet void. I'm reaching for him, sobbing, pleading, wanting him back, wanting him to fill me and make me whole again. Then I feel him nestling into my arse, his head pushing tentatively against the brown star of my anus, positioning himself. I wriggle a bit, feel his head start to stretch my opening, push myself onto him making sure that he's mine and then for an instant we are both still.

He lowers his face down until it is but a few inches above mine, finds my wrists with his hands and pins them together above my head freeing one of his own by doing so. Meekly I allow him; skewered on the end of his cock, expectant, and waiting. Sweat coats his face pooling to form droplets across his skin. I watch as several trickle down his nose towards a larger bead that hangs down before me.


He is an explosion of movement; his cock thrusting down the length of my anal canal; droplets of sweat flying from his face to shower me. I try to open before him but pain rips through my stomach. I'm much tighter here, much more in need of use and the thickness of his cock tears at my clenched muscles. He is merciless, driving into me, lubricating me with each penetration, spreading my passage before him until I can take him as I should, until he glides into my depths with smooth savage strokes and I'm pushing up to meet him; demanding he take me, ravage me, use me, explode in me and fill me with his wondrous hot cum.

His hand is on my throat; fingers grasping either side of my windpipe, squeezing, pushing me back into the bedding as his cock pistons into me. I am frantic, frenzied, my body twisting beneath his choking hand, my arse still thrusting up to receive his cock. His fingers tighten; the air flow ceasing, my mouth flying open gasping, panting, desperate to fill my lungs with air, my body twisting spastically as I try unsuccessfully to free my pinioned hands.

His hips are frenzied, a blur of speed as they pound repeatedly into my arse. An arse that is clenching uncontrollably as orgasm after orgasm explodes through my body and then ...

A sudden tensing; his cock buried deep inside me momentarily still; a twitch, a shudder, his eyes shut, face screwed up above me. He erupts; cum gushing into me, coating me, filling me with that thick, sticky gorgeous, life giving liquid that for the last 10 years I have only dreamt of.

Finished, he rolls away from me; his cock sliding from my arse as my muscles cling on begging him to stay. His hand falls from my throat as I lay panting beside him; sucking air back into my burning lungs. Gradually my eyes stop swimming and find their normal focus as my mind once again clears of stars. I am sated and content. I push my head into the pillow; shut my eyes and dream of sleep.

I feel him get off the bed; sense him prowling but my eyes are still shut when he grabs my wrist and pulls me crashing down onto the floor. He stands above me looking down at my half-naked, bruised, welted and fucked body.

"Get out."

He kicks at my thigh and instinctively I scurry away before him.


His delivery is as cold as the ice I crunched earlier. I get to my feet and stand uncertainly on my spiked heels.


He throws my bag beyond me to land by the door from which I entered. I look him up and down, try to think of some fantastic rejoinder but my mind is a jumble. In the end I settle on:

"Fuck you."

Then I stride across the room and out of the door.

The sensor responds as I exit his apartment bathing me in cold white light. My dress is bunched around my stomach and when I pull it up over my battered breasts, it mostly falls away leaving me exposed once more. The back, however, seems intact and by twisting it around I manage to cover myself. I can feel the remnants of my panties hanging uselessly between my legs, so remove them and stuff them into my bag. I pull out my cigarettes and with smoke filling my lungs and nicotine racing around my blood stream I start to walk home on unsteady feet.

I did warn you that he was a malicious, manipulative and controlling bastard didn't I. So what did you expect? Perhaps I should have added that he's also cruel and heartless. Will I see him again? Well maybe.

As I walk the empty streets with my tender breasts rubbing against the fabric of my dress, my heart racing in exhilaration, my pussy aching with desire and his sticky cum seeping from my arse to wet my thighs, I pull my phone from my bag, find his number and write.

"Thank you."

And now I'm just waiting for his reply.